Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunny Sunday...

 "Star was with us for a minute but jumped down before
mom could take a picture of us being nice to each other.
We got treats for being good!!"

 "This is still my favorite place to sit, although I have discovered that the middle part of the cat condo downstairs is pretty cool."

 "Dad says I've gained too much weight.
I blame the nice lady next door who gives us gooshy food!"

 "I'm feeling better.  My face looks good but mom noticed
me holding my right leg up a bit when I sit.  She
checked it all over but nothing is swollen and I didn't
protest so she's just keeping an eye on it for now."

Dad says Audrey needs to keep out of his stuff!!


  1. Sounds like a typical day! Audrey, we are tickled you settled in so quickly.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit and the purrs while we await my test results and for my mom's nerves.

  3. Audrey, we are glad yoo are enjoying life.

  4. Oh Star..what's wrong wif oo pawy? I come look at it.


  5. Star says, "Mom's not sure. I'm putting more weight on it so it might just have been a strain. But you can come over and make me feel better anytime my sweet. ::kitty kisses:: Mom got us a lot of treats that were on sale at Petco and I'll share them with you!"