Friday, February 25, 2011

Here's the Thing...

I've been having a Bad Week™.  However, before reading a book I need to go through for someone, I managed to make four more possible entries for the TMNKH section in our store.  I'm putting them below for everyone's edification.  Now, here's where you can help us!!  There are currently 9 graphics in the TMNKH section.  I like to put in graphics in sets of three but I'm not sure how many I should have in the section itself.  Especially since I haven't had very many sales in the store.  ::le sigh::  Anyway, here are the four graphics I just made... let us know if you  like any, dislike any, would they be something you'd like to get in a cafepress sometime?  Also, if I could afford to make & send off 8x10 pictures in matte/glossy would you be interested?  What price would you be willing to spend?  I haven't yet looked at what it would cost me to print these on demand at home.  Thanks!!


  1. We're sorry you're having a bad week and are sending purrs that things will be better.

    We think the cutest pic is the last one!

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. Sorry for your bad week but you can have a good weekend : )
    I like the idea " Mouse Flavor " : )

  3. We agree with Puddy! Have a better weekend...

  4. We also agree with Puddy, and with Au and Target.

    Here's to a much better purry weekend.