Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday...

 "OMB!  I am so tired!!  Mom and Jennifer took me outside
for a few minutes with my harness on and I went back
in really really quick!  There was a HUGE woofie who
YELLED at me really really loud!!!  So now I'm napping."

 "I enjoy playing with my Feeders!  But I've been feeling crabby the last few days.  I've been hissing at my stinky brother Knives and we fought several times last night & once this morning.  meh"

 "Mom took this excellent portrait of me.  She's thinking about putting up a section in our store with pictures of us on things.
So, what do you think??  Would you be interested?  Right now
mom is barely getting enough to pay for the store so we're
wanting to know what people would like to see."

 "Hey!  That's my spot!!  What are you doing up there??"

Star says, "I'm so excited!!  Admiral bought one of our calendars
to put up so she can see me all the time!  I feel so honored."


  1. Woffies are all big bad mouth pests. They are to be ignored completely.

    I do so enjoy the pictures.

    Have a good weekend everyone. Scritches and head bumps all around.

  2. Wow that is an excellent photo! Well done to your mummy!

  3. Dogs??? We avoid those too. Except for Bushy across the street and the Gremlins next door who we whap with our paw if they get cheeky. Nice pics of you.

  4. Wot a norty woofie! BTW we love seeing yoor pics!

  5. No woofies for ME thanks you.

    Star..I can see you every time I go into the kitchen.