Sunday, February 13, 2011

By Special Request...

Ahem... it seems that someone who has a crush on Star would like to see items in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde's store Kat's Kats that has pictures of the Horde and not just their mom's drawings... ergo... there is now a new section which has six new sections with pictures of the Horde... but there will be more!!  Here are a few samples...


  1. Priceless! Even our mom started laughing and she's not even a cat!

  2. Hehe, love how the Horde think.

    Thanks for your kind words about Au. We will make sure his last days are happy, and we won't let him suffer.

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! STAR! A Calender Man Cat!

  4. Star preens at Admiral, "Well love, if you don't like that one I can see about mom making another and maybe your mom will get you a food dish with me on it! That way I can always make sure you're eating!! ::kitty kiss::"

    Zaphoid says, "We are sending purrs to Au and we know how much he loves you. He told us via the Supr Skrt Cat Gossip Line that you would be taking excellent care of him as always!! ::kitty kisses & purrs::"

    Knives says, "Hey Lucy!! Make another Feeder buy your mom something with one of them on it so she'll laugh all the time. Trust me, you can sneak more... ummm... ahhh... uhhhh... eat really nice treats if they're happy!! ::perk perk::"

  5. hee hee! I'm glad I have permission to worship!
    xx trish
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day sweet ones. ♥♥♥