Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips for Furfriends Who Fly...

 "Ahem.  I was lucky.  My foster mom drove me to meet my
Forever Family so I didn't have to fly in one of those Scary Airthingees.  Because I heard a sad sad story about a special
kitten who died after being left on the runway in what should
have been a climate controlled cargo hold.  Mom and I cried.
So when we saw this information I said mom could post it
before I make her get off of the internet.  I am stricter about
this than Da Boys because I am a Princess.  If you have a
furfriend who needs to fly, please keep this information in mind!"

If you need to fly with your pet, Petfinder recommendations follow:
  • Pet Airways is the first pet passenger airline, flying pets in a first-class experience in secure cages. Attendants check on pets every 15 minutes.
  • Jet Blue offers the Best Pet-Friendly Amenities.
  • Best for Budget-Conscious Consumers: AirTran. AirTran tops this category, allowing small domesticated dogs, cats and birds to travel for $69 each way in-cabin.
  • Best for Transporting Pet Variety: Frontier Airlines. Of the airlines researched in the 2010 analysis, Frontier allows the most diverse variety of pets in-cabin, including domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and small household birds.
  • Best for Animal Health and Safety: JetBlue. If a pet becomes ill mid-flight, JetBlue will ring the cabin crew to see if there is a veterinarian on board who can treat the pet immediately – showing their dedication to the health of our furry friends.


  1. Thats good information. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thanks you fur this infurmashun, is very helpful, but we thinks we travels in ourVan instead.
    We also wants to thanks you fur sending lots of commints fur our shelter monies!
    You are very sweets.
    Love, TK

  3. That is heart breaking about the poor helpless cat. Audrey, I love you and I'm so glad you are settling in. Please don't think yellow cats are stinky. They aren't. Your mommy loves all of you.

  4. Oh, that poor sweet kitty! :-(

    We hope we never have to fly anywhere. Heck, even the mom hopes she never has to get into an airplane again!

  5. Audrey nods vigorously to Admiral, "Oh I know mom loves all of us! Now if stinky ole' Knives will just calm down. He did a little bit better last night and mom didn't have to put him in jail. He's just jealous because he was the baby of the family and I'm more gorgeous!! Gotta fly! There's a headband on the bathroom floor to play with!!"

  6. It is tragic that a kitten suffered and lost its life, that breaks our hearts. We hope this never happens again 'cos efurrybuddy uses a competant pet airline.