Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mom's New Toy... or is it??

 "Hey!!  Where are mom & dad going?!"

 "Shopping.  Feeders have sales after Christmas,
just like we are in our store."

 "Waitaminute.  This is not what I asked for!
It's a toy cat, not a cat toy!" - Thomas
"Harrumph!  I don't think they got it for you!" - Star

 "It might be for me!  It looks like me when I was a kitten!"

"What do you mean it's for mommy??"


  1. They better be picking up some tunas for you guys!

  2. Yeah, they should buy you extra treats for 2011!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. May 2011 be everything you wish for.

  3. Zaphoid says, "Weeeell, I guess so. After all, she is our pet!!"