Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whatcha Doing Out Here Mom?? Can We Get in the Way... uh... Help??

 "Ummm, mom?  Why are you putting stuff in our yard??"

 "We need green papers for Jen & Corwyn for Homecoming."
Mister Kitten "But they come home all the time!"
"Never mind.  Hey mom!  I think it's a customer!
Never mind, it's just a leaf."

 "Well, if you won't let me play in the ceiling fan boxes
I want to go back inside."

 "Don't look at me!!  I'm on the job!!"

The Ultimate Cat Job


  1. We hope that you get loads of green papers.

  2. Boy, that gave me an idea for some green papers for us too. Mom? C'mere! Read this. What a great idea!

  3. Star says, "So far mom's gotten 10 green papers and some advice from a nice lady (who doesn't like cats so mom didn't give her a card about our blog). The kids haven't been very helpful. But we think other cats should try it while the weather is still good. Mom would have more stuff but she'd given a lot of stuff away already to a local donation place and to Haiti."

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  5. Da Boys were very helpful and posed beautifully but we only made $10.

  6. We are purring that you will get lotza green papers.

    Happy Sunday, friends.