Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Traitors!! (and after I got you new treats even!)

 "Last night I abandoned both mom & Jennifer for dad.  This afternoon mom wished she had a functional camera.  Yesterday we had tornado weather and the fall wreath fell and is on the porch.
So, of course I decided to take a nap in it!!"

 "I abandoned mom for Jennifer and then somehow her door got closed so I couldn't get out.  I am not sure who to blame yet.  Mom tried bribing me with treats last night but it didn't work the way
she wanted.  I otoh got lots & lots of treats & pettings!!  YAY!"

 "Again, mom didn't have a camera to take our picture but we were both about here laying on top of the tub mom's seasonal clothes live inside up in the attic.  We kept posing very well too.  heh heh heh"

This is totally untrue!!  Okay, he didn't get as many as
Star but he got more than one set of treats!!


  1. We do that too - abandon mom for dad (we don't have a Jennifer but if we did we would do that too!) And you know what, mom calls us traitors too!

  2. Does your dad say, "I don't even like you." while petting you or letting you stay with him too??