Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Back to Sleep Mom!

 "Mom didn't sleep well last night so I made sure that she
stayed in bed by going to sleep in the sink.  That way she
couldn't brush her teeth.  muahahahahahahahahahaha!!
I am the smartest cat in the whole wide world"

"PS mom has sent Charlotte's mom an email & a voice message &
will post again when she hears back from her."


  1. That is a good idea. We must try that.

  2. Mister Kitten nods, "I think it must work better than laying on her does. When I lay on top of her stomach in the morning she wakes up yelling at me for some reason. This morning she got up, came to the bathroom, started to brush her teeth & take her meds, saw me in the sink, and then just grabbed her meds and went back to bed!! I highly recommend it. She even gave me treats later! hahaha!!"

  3. I think mom will be the one curled up in the sink while I am in the bed. She seems to not care for my announcements thru the night. I'm just keeping her up on the news. Dust mites might have MOVED! and without me, she'd not know!!

  4. Thomas nods firmly, "Good grief! How are they going to know that Timmy's in the well if we don't tellllll them?! It's not like we're climbing over their faces to let them know that the cat food bowls are empty and we're staaaaaaaaaarvin! Okay, well, unless we are because they are. And it's not like I do it that often! And I stopped sleeping on dad's face!! Really!!! I was just showing mom I liked him and that she should keep him!"

  5. Be careful there, kittie. The fausett in our bathroom sink dripps if the Food Source doesn't close it really tight. You lay there for a while, you might be damp.