Monday, October 18, 2010

Charlotte Update...

 "Mom has heard from Charlotte's Mom.  This is the email she sent..."
Yes I do[PayPal account]. It is listed under this email addy[] and the name  julie hanes all lower case.
Charlotte is still here, still not drinking or eating that we can tell. The other cats are keeping watch over her (Dusty is stoopid but still sweet and a good 'healer kitty'). They stay near her. She is resting on a soft sleeping bag in a corner of the living room. Her breathing is fast (about 6X what the other cats' breathing rate is). She doesn't want to be touched or held. She'll put up with it for a few minutes then jump down and go back to her spot.  She's 17-18 years old now, and has tumors. I don't know if she caught pneumonia when Sean came down with it. Or a cold when Scarlett got one. Or if it's simply time.  For all I know she may pull through this ok. But she's gotten so scrawny and WASTED over the past year or two. And she has "that look" in her eyes right now. Kinda distant and unfocused. And the rasping of her breath is louder than her purr. :(  Her fur looks funny/different too, reminds me of a cat I had once who went in to insulin shock. Her fur looks kinda like that. We are (sorta) prepared to lose her, but sad about it.  I know you understand. She's been with us a long time. I just hope she's not hurting, she doesn't seem to be in great pain, just sick and possibly dying pain. ya know?


  1. We're sorry to hear that. We went through that with Allie not too long ago, and you never know whether to rush them to the V*T for all kinds of tests and treatments hoping they'll recover, or just let them go.

    PS: For julie. We send you a few green papers to help with Charlotte. We think. Paypal had a hiccup during the processing, so we are not sure if it made it through.

  2. Oh, poor Charlotte - and her mom. If it's Charlotte's time, we hope her passing will be painless. If it's not her time, we hope she will recover quickly. We send lots of purrs and tail wags for them both.

  3. ::nods:: I've had to go through it myself several times. It's part of sharing your house with some of the most loving and caring creatures around. I'll check with Julie later tonight. She said she was going to call me but she knew I had to take 'notso'boychild to the eye doc & then go grocery shopping (such as it was) so she'll probably call later tonight. Thanks for all the great purrs & prayers!!