Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Star's Favorite Mode of Transportation

Star started out by sitting on my rollator (walker with a seat).  I'm not sure what attracted him to it.   So one time he was sitting on it when I needed to go somewhere (still rehabbing from knee surgery).  I expected him to jump off.  Well, this happened a few times.  But then, Star realized that this was kinda cool.  Unexpectedly he started staying on the seat.  This gave him a ride all over the house.  Now I enjoy going from my bed, where I spend a large part of the day (hence the laptop), to go set out on the porch (yay sunshine!).  Star rides alongside.  Sometimes he hops down and goes out with me.  And sometimes he just sits there as I go out.  It's easier for me to just take a few steps out and in.  When I come in he is waiting there for me and back we go to the bedroom.

"I love it when mom wears this shirt.
Mom has a lot of books for me to lay on."


  1. Wow that is interesting he doesn't jump down - any time I move anything with a cat on it they take off. But hey, at least you have company for the walk! And we hope you are starting to get better from the surgery by the way - we know it can take a while to get back to normal after a big surgery like that!

  2. It really shocked me when it happened! I am getting better. My knee is doing well but it's taking some time to regain strength.