Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Revolving Door Day... No, Really!!

It's been a revolving door day.  No, really.  The cats & the children have been good & bad, bad & good in turn.  Now this wouldn't be too bad except for the fact that there are two children and four cats.  This makes six creatures circulating through ups and downs throughout the day.  Meanwhile, during this day I've been trying to help my daughter with cleaning her room by working on her laundry.  Now this is a 16 yo young lady.  I've already folded four loads.  There are still at least two or more.

My son still needs to finish his room.  They did do most of the kitchen cleaning chores.  I did have to stand over my son to get him to clean the kitty litter.  ggggrrrrrrrr  Then there were Da Boys.  They went between ignoring me and sitting on the mouse pad so I had no room (except when they were sitting on my hand!!).  Even Star decided that he should be the one typing at one point!!  Mister Kitten wanted to help Jennifer with her netbook!!

"I'm showing Jenjen The Kitty City Gazette!"

See, being nice and polite.  But later... later... later... we heard kitty noises.  Kitty fighting noises, outside.  Both Jennifer and I tried call for kitties but while the music stopped no kitties appeared.  Time for the big guns.  I grabbed shoes.  My daughter grabbed treats.  I took my walker and with the outside lights on started calling kitties again.  "What?  Mom??  Were you calling us??"  Yeah, right.  I headed toward the backdoor (totally freaking them out since I normally head back to the front).  Star went right in.  Zaphy wasn't quite sure (which was actually when I sent Jen for treats).  Once treats were involved (and Star got his first, good boy!!).  Mister Kitten had kinda roamed further away, worrying me a bit as I kept talking to him. 

As soon as Jen gave Star his treat Zaphy was right there in line for his!!  "Com'on Mister Kitten!!  Treats!!!"  At which point he looked in, saw that the other boys were getting treats and dashed into the house!!  I closed the doors and headed back around the front.  Jen very smartly had closed the window with the cat flap (easier than locking the cat flap) so that they stay inside tonight.  Whew!!

Oh, and did I mention the lovely dinner Jennifer made?  A steak with essence, herb butter, corn on the cob & mashed potatoes.  mmmmmmmmm

"Jen is learning to cook well enough to get this apron.  ::trill::"


  1. Sounds like a typical day! Our kids are grown and gone...but the 12 cats somehow make up for that...LOL!
    Spooky about the hissy fit in the yard...wonder what started that? Glad the gang is in and safe for the night.

  2. We're glad the gang came in, safe for the night, too.

    Every day's an adventure...LOL!

  3. I miss all those sounds of running in and out now that the kids are gone.... Glad everyone is safe for the night.

  4. Wow what a day - lots of activity and lots of craziness! Hopefully the rest of the week will go better!

  5. Glad the boys came home safely=those treats make my girls come running every time!...I'm in the middle of a crazy, hectic time myself right now=maybe it's in the air or something!...Jenn's dinner sounds wonderful!...Hope things settle down for all of us soon!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki