Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ummm, Dad? What's That On Your Arm??

Yesterday, after I left for my monthly doctor's appointment, Star insisted that rather than leave for work, my husband should stay home.  Now Star does not normally do this.  Every time Dale started to go, there was Star, insisting that dad should pick him up and love on him.  But finally Dale got on his bike and left for work.  Alas, lurking in wait for him was a vicious square access cover in the road.  Boom!!  Over the bike went!  Wham!!  Into the road Dale went!! 

"I'm telling you dad, you really should stay home today!!"

When I got home, the back door was open.  Odd.  I went inside and my husband's bike was still there.  Odd.  I went upstairs and my husband was still there.  Very odd!  Then I saw that not only was he holding his right arm but there was a hole in one of his favorite shirts.  Oh dear!!  I'm sure you know what came next!  First I helped him change shirts.  This revealed the bad spot on his shoulder and the fact that his elbow did not like him.  Off we went to the doc-in-the-box.  One x-ray later and we knew that his arm was broken just above the elbow.  They sent us off to an imaging place to make sure his cheek wasn't broken.  Thank goodness it was not!  Then off to an orthopedist.  There we found out that the break was a split.  He'll go get a CAT scan a few days after my surgery on Monday to see if he'll need to have screws put in his arm or not.  Either way, he'll be in a splint for quite a while.  Good thing I can't drive for six weeks!  He drives a standard and I have an automatic!  ::grin::

one of the cards in Kat's Kards I think it's appropriate for my sweetie!


  1. Oh NO! That is not good at all! Be sure to take really good care of your daddy!

  2. It was sooo sweet! When he went to sleep last night, Thomas laid right down next to him arm and Star & Mister Kitten were next to his legs.

  3. Oh my Cats! What a thing to happen! Thank goodness it wasn't worse...though a broken arm bone isn't "great". See, we Cats know stuff and you Humans need to listen. Between your Mommy & Daddy you guys will *just* about have one fully functional can opener.
    We are sending 12 huge rumbly purrs your way.
    xx lounge kats

  4. Oh no, with your Mommy having surgery on Monday and your Daddy's accident, we hope you guys are giving them lots of extra cuddles and kisses ..Good luck to your Mom and we hope your Dad feels better soon=wishing them both quick recoveries...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. The hard part will be him having help with his arm while I'm having help with my knee! I had to help him put two cast & bandages together to cover his splint today so he could take a shower. Then I had to help him put shampoo in his hair and then soap up his left arm. Oh wait! Then dry off! ::grin::

    Fortunately the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde has been giving us many many cuddles & kisses & purrs!! But we will take as many other purrs as we can get! ::grin::

  6. see, we kittehs know these things! Star had a feeling, daddeh should have listened. but at least it wasn't worse, and now he knows for next time - always listen to your kittehs!