Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh my! We mustn't leave Thomas out!!

Today I've had every single cat lay on me at one time or another.  When my physical therapist came by Star helped as usual and at one point laid his head on the therapist's bag (I wish I could find my camera!!).  But he did a good job and my knee made 130°.  heh heh heh  Anyway it's now time for Thomas to have his day.  Presenting Sir Thomas of Snuggle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde:

"I am the Sentinel.  I am in charge of the Cat Guard."

"I keep an eye on everything because I'm the eldest."

"You can't tell in this picture,
but I have gorgeous blue eyes."

"I adore rolling around on the cement driveway."

"I am adorable.  I love to change my colors
even though I was born a blue point.  Everyone loves me."

"I want this bag.  Then mom could carry me around in it."


  1. I love the rolling picture. Such a happy kitty!

  2. Ditto on the photo of Sir Thomas rolling! What a sweetie you are, Thomas! :-)

  3. Isn't he sweet!! I managed to get a shot of him in a position he often sleeps in as well!! The Trouble Twins do this the most. The Commodore Kittys, Star & Mister Kitten are the colors of the Vanderbilt University (my husband roots for Vandy & the Titans) prefer to roll in dirt.

  4. You are totally awesome Sir Thomas!!!!!!!!


  5. Sir Thomas is a very handsome mancat; we adore his fun and loving personality!...We love his photos, especially rolling on the cement driveway!...kisses sweet boy...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. OOooohhh! Isn't cement rolling the greatest! The Parents cleaned the Catio Thursday and we has cool damp cement to flip out on...Heaven!
    You have wonderful fur colorings and we think it's interesting that you can change them...are you a meezermeleon?

  7. Oh yes!! He is usually blue but he'll change to lilac or red tabby point depending on his mood. And he enjoys having more than one color at one time!! He'll have a wee bit of blue at the top of his head with lilac on his face, blue on his shoulder, red on his body, lilac on his legs, blue on his tail & paws. That was his Easter suit this year!!

  8. What an adorable boy! Love the cement rolling shot!

  9. Hiya, new furiends! So great to meet you!

    We really enjoyed the song you sang for Saylor! Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating Saylor's birthday! We've entered you in our giveaway!