Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Day!!

I spent the day at the doctor's office and then waaaaay too long spending over $200 at the grocery.  Eating heart healthy is expensive!!  I came home just before the children did and had them put up the groceries.  Once they were done and I'd had a futile discussion with them about really needing to cut the grass & bagging it.  Riiiiiiight.  They are both teenagers.  Ergo, this is unlikely to happen.  ::sigh::  My daughter is doing homework and for some reason my son doesn't want to do the physical work even though he will get money.  My husband called just as I was about to consider looking up the gypsies.  So off I went to the chiropractor and a massage.  When I came back, my usual greeter was waiting for me.

StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty greets me when I get home...

He checks to make sure that I'm okay.  Then he makes sure that I get into the house with no problem.  The funny thing I noticed today is that if he does something he should not.  I said "Star!" and he ignored me.  Then I went, "StarWalker!" and he immediately looked at me, stopped what he was doing, and began walking by my side.  As we got to the front walk I went toward my lilac bush (which is still a baby bush) and he looked up at me and trilled.  I told him what I was doing and he waited on the walk until I came back.  Then we went in together.  Now I've had everyone but Mister Kitten come up and demand something from me!!  Oh my!  What a full day!!

Where's that Cherry Dr. Pepper?? (goes to mug)


  1. Yes, eating healthy is expensive--for cats and humans! I spend almost as much on cat food for the 3 fur companions every month as I do on my own groceries.

    Lovely to be greeted by StarWalker when you get home! Is that a daily ritual? :-)

  2. ::nods:: We feed Da Boys Iams. They used to get Science Diet but then we had a baby girl who became allergic to everything!! And I mean everything!! Plastic, grass, chicken, beef, fish, fleas.

    She finally had to be humanely euthanized. It broke our hearts but she came out from under the bed and purred in the middle of it for the first time in weeks as soon as I got off the phone with the vet. She also purred during the car ride and at the vet office! So we knew we'd made the right choice.

    Any time I'm out!! I think he worries about me if I'm out of the house and wants to make sure I'm okay when I get home. ::grin::