Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training a Cat Daddy

Last night was incredible.  I've been training Corwyn to learn Mister Kitten's body language.  He's been carefully petting and loving on Mister Kitten, talking to him all the while.  I've told him to make sure to use Mister Kitten's name but to vary what he is saying.  He needs to tell Mister Kitten what a Good Boy he is, how beautiful he is, what lovely fur he has, and to just talk to him in general.  Corwyn has been working very hard on this with some correction from me.  Okay, quite a bit of correction at times from me.

You can see by his demon eyes that Mister Kitten can be quite a handful.  But last night... oh last night!!  Corwyn and I were on my bed watching TV and I heard him crooning about what a "Good Boy, Mister Kitten!" was.  I looked over and Mister Kitten was curled up in the crook of his arm!!  Now some might think that this is just sweet and/or cute.  But the fact is that while Mister Kitten likes being petted, he usually doesn't like being held... oh wait, he almost never wants to be held!!!  And certainly not as long as Corwyn held him!!!!  Of course he's going to keep working with "his" kitty, but OH MY, what progress!!  I think we can officially call him a Cat Daddy!

points to the oval sticker,
can be used as a bumper sticker once he has a car too!

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  1. Yay that is so awesome! Mister Kitten is going to be lucky to have such a sweet Cat Daddy!