Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Cat Related - Dr. Grumpy & Five Wishes

First, you need to read this and then you need to read this.  Both of these things are about end-of-life issues.  They are extremely important.  You need to read them now.  Go on.  Shoo shoo.  I'll wait.


  1. Ms. Brown: Thank you for the "plug" for Five Wishes, America's most popular advance directive with more than 14 million copies in national circulation. We have always relied on good people like you to help spread the word. Good luck with your blog. Please give my regards to all the kitties. Paul Malley, President, Aging with Dignity.

  2. Those were both very informative. I know with my dad he let me know before a major surgery where all this type of info was "just in case". We didn't need it then (though we did need some of it later when he passed away) but it was good to know he had put it all in writing. I am not sure how my mom handled this - I am sure she had discussed it with my dad before she was too sick (she passed away 9 years before him). It is very important to have this kind of info figured out.

  3. Amen! I am so glad that everyone in my family is on the same page about this. We prefer to be treated as we would treat our beloved cats.