Monday, March 29, 2010

Errand Day!

Monday's do tend to be errand days.  Today I need to call the church office and find out if some things we have are needed for the pod that's being filled to go to Haiti.  (I know that the reading glasses are!!)  Then I'll need to take what is needed over there and put what isn't needed into the ever-growing Girl Scout yard sale pile.  I have found out that the sale is likely to be in May.  ::sigh::  At least we've managed to get almost everything down into the Wreck Room.  Jennifer still has to go through her clothes.  Then I've got to drop off books & a check at my therapist's office and swing by the pharmacy.  Wheeeee!

Once I'm home I'd like to do a wee bit of work around my Lilac tree if I have any energy left.  It's just a baby Lilac.  I'm crossing my fingers since I have two black thumbs.  I do have the help of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde any time I go outside to pull weeds or do the occasional limb lopping or bush trimming.  After all, they need to make sure that Momma is going to be okay.  They're also in charge of making sure that I don't overdo.  Boy do I hear about that!!!  The minute I start doing more than I should there is suddenly a Siamese Siren going off!  ::grin::  Or a Cat-in-My-Face insisting that there are Much More Important things to be done!

I'm pining for the day when a) I can figure out how to fix this darn camera! or b) I can get a cheap digital camera with a flash.  Let me show you why...

Hmmmmm, I'm here, but where did 'my kitten' go??

It was a very cute shot of Zaphy grooming Mister Kitten's head.  ::sigh::  Unfortunately there are much more important things on the list right now (besides bills!!).  Don't forget to get rabies shots everyone!!!  We've got to do that for the four Tims* compromising the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  The Rabies Clinic in Rutherford County, TN will be the entire month of April this year!!!  Whooot!!!  Shots for cats will be $15 (so we'll need $60 which precludes getting flea control because that's another $60... meh... maybe May).  The participating vets will have rabies clinic signs in front of their offices.  And another reminder from Da Boys for Spring...

Da Boys like reminding people to spay and neuter their pets...
the only problem is getting them to stay in the bag!!

*For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, in my family we call male cats who have been neutered Tims... because they are no longer Toms.  Likewise, Queens become Princesses'.


  1. That is great that the horde takes such good care of you. And $15 for rabies shots is great.

    I have 11 vials of Frontline for cats and kittens that I am not using - we got them when we first got Virgil because he had fleas (he was not on it because he was only 4 weeks but the rest of the cats were on it). I looked on their site and it says they don't expire. Two boxes are open (one because I used 1 of the vials, the other because I was trying to find the expiration date and thought maybe I was crazy that it didn't have one). We didn't use them because the fleas died and didn't come back (and if they hid in the carpet they are now at the flea equivilent of Las Vegas most likely since the carpet is long gone). Since my cats don't go outside it is unlikely we will need it again (knock on wood). So my question to you is - do you want it because I would love to send it to you. It will get you a couple months of coverage at least, and it would help by getting me a bit of free space. It is Frontline from the vets office directly. I bought it in that amount because it was a better deal if we had needed it (it just turned out we didn't). You can email me and let me know if you are interested.

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  3. Oh yes, both Davidson Co (where I moved from) and Robertson Co do excellent prices for the shots during the drives and both have programs for spay/neuter. The only problem comes in when you have multiple kitties! ::grin::

    And see email.