Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yes, Thomas... I Love You!!

I'm sitting here working on moving some files from the CPU to the laptop.  Thomas pops up outside in the bedroom window where I have the shade up, so I call to my children (home from school because of snow) to let him inside.  Thomas evidently ran to get some food first (judging from timing) and then leapt up onto the bed.  He raced up to where I had my mouse on the bed to begin butting his head up on my hand.  "Looooooooove Mommy!!!  Looooooooove Mommmmmmy!!"  ::sigh::  "Yes, Thomas.  I love you."  I started petting him with the other hand.  Oh no.  That just wouldn't do, Thomas had to occupy all of my time and attention.  "Looooooooove Mommy!!!  Looooooooove Mommmmmmy!!"   "Yes, Thomas.  I love you."

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