Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have just finished splitting off the black & white graphics from the color graphics in Winter Holiday Clothing, Winter Holiday Gifts, and Winter Holiday Cards.  I hope that this will make download time for people to look at things much easier.  (You can all blame my mom for this one... we were on the phone and...)  I have been duly supervised by Star who thinks I've been working too hard.  In fact, at one point he climbed up onto my armrest, licked my left hand for about two minutes, looked at me when that didn't work, went down to my lap (of course, you realize he's purring the entire time) and curled about for a bit, looked up over the desk top and checked out the odds of being able to a) take over command of either the keyboard or the mouse b) lay his head down on my wrist to keep it from moving or c) just outright take control of the entire desk without being thrown into the Bastille.  Evidently he didn't think much of his chances today because he flowed up onto the other armrest, paused to stroke his head against my neck and then stood for a bit on the back of the chair before wandering about to do Important Cat Things That Shalt Not Be Revealed To The Hands That Feed Us™.  Now he's curled up in the chair beside me... sound asleep... doing his job.

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