Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

My husband is making his family's infamous mushroom dish... mushrooms, onions, butter, and a bottle of sherry (with a bit of Lowry's Seasoning Salt, Garlic, & Black Pepper for seasoning).  Both of my children are still asleep.  They'll be spending the weekend with us because their step-mother has the flu.  I hope she gets better soonest but the nurse agreed it would be best for the kids to not be exposed even if they'd had flu shots!

So we'll all be viciously forced to eat two Thanksgiving meals.  ::hand to forehead::  First my mother's yummy dinner and then the groaning board at my husband's clan's supper.  Oh woe is us!  ::snicker::  The cats are hoping that we'll be bringing back kitty bags for them.  ::grin::  As for them, they are starting to practice their Christmas cuteness.  That is, when they are actually in the house.  Pillows and clean clothes being the places of choice... of course!!

Safe journeys and have a good day!

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