Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inward & Outward, Upward & Onward!

Okay, another four cat night.  This morning I woke up because Star began climbing up Mt. Mommy Knee™.  Now this would have been okay, except for one thing.  Star's claws haven't been trimmed in far too long.  Ergo, when that first paw tentatively hit my knee it was not a soft, gentle paw.  Nay, brothern and sistern, it was a veritable stiletto.  A rapier piercing my knee.  There was only one thing to do in such a situation.

Star was scooped up as quickly as possible.  Ninja Kitties don't like this.  But it had to be done.  Whilst holding the squirming eight-armed demon, I managed to get the clippers from my bedside table.  My husband woke up and realized immediately what was going on.  I asked for help and he provided the demon-holding necessary for me to begin clipping Star's scimitars.  I indicated at one point that grabbing him by the fur between his shoulder blades would be helpful (just as a mother cat does, this doesn't work on all cats).  I finished and then made Star stay while I got out treats.  Lots of treats.  Many many many (make that many) treats.  Which no one else got to have.

I did this to help him remember that it's okay to get your claws clipped and that mom's bed is not a dangerous place.  Star is not only a Ninja Cat but he's still a wee bit skittish.  Remember that he was rescued at four weeks old having been abandoned.  You have to be extra careful with him.  Uhoh!  Sound from the kitchen.  I'd better see what they're up to now!  Oberon has taken to getting up on the kitchen table.  Teenagers.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is well named!!

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