Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slow Going This Morning...

I feel like I haven't really gotten much done this morning.  I had to resize the graphics on the two new designs I put in the Trick or Treat  section.  meh.  I also changed one design.  My mom, who is one of my critics, said that she really didn't like the Official Costume Inspector so I changed it from using the Doctor Cat to another of the cats holding a magnifying glass.  I feel good about finally having gotten Chair Cat in but then I realized that I don't have a Cane Cat done!!  Eeeeeep!  Now I have to figure out what Cane Cat is going to say for Halloween.

Because I use a wheelchair and/or cane myself when I'm out & about (knees & fibro), I have this thing about having both a Chair Cat and a Cane Cat for special sections, such as cards & holidays.  I'm going to be putting in the Witchy Kitty & Magic Man section after I finish up making some more cats for Trick or Treat (as well as a few more Witchy Kitties & Magic Men!).  I'm debating whether or not I should make anything for Thanksgiving or not.  I will definately be making cats for Christmas so I'm not sure if I should just jump straight into that or not.  It's a question of how soon folx want Christmas stuff, ya know?  Hmmmmm... it's 12:40... I should probably stop and do a lunchthing.  Lunchthings are goooOOOoood.

I haven't been getting any work from my day job.  Oh yes!  I actually am a graphic artist, although I only make math graphics for XXX.  But I'm a contract worker and if they don't me work then... gee, I don't get fed.  No, it's actually not quite that bad.  But it is why I'm hoping that this shop will take off!!  Rather like I should take off to the kitchen for food!!  ::grin::

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