Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleep Much??

Somehow I managed to forget to pick up my lyrica on Wednesday. This was a Bad Thing™ because, of course, I ended up hurting. The weird thing was that I slept through most of Saturday. Well... except for some time spend with my 16 yo daughter. She was up on line with her new netbook and I was reading. Then she wanted to watch a movie with me. Okay. Halfway through she disappeared.

Sunday I took both... hmmmm... they're both teenagers so I suppose I can't really call them kidlets. Okay, I took the adolescents to their father so they could visit their paternal grandparents & their great-grandfather. Then I came home and slept until the heart of my heart came home from a gig in Memphis. Then I slept some more.

Today I slept until the adolescents came home. Then I slept some more. But I'm awake now! So I'm off to cafepress to put up some more stuff into Trick or Treat.  I've got a couple of cane cats, a good witch... don't worry... I'll let you know when I'm done!!

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