Monday, December 17, 2012

Has It Been a Week?? But We Have the BEST News!!

 "Hi! Sorry about not posting last week!"

 "Mom's been having sleep trouble!"

 "But my foster mom Chrystal has the BEST news!!!!"

 "FOUR kitties got adopted in less than two weeks!!!!!"

"We're all celebrating around here!!
'Cus not only that, Jennifer's making turkey!!
Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas!"

"You can find this in our shop.."
We LOVE Chrystal!
She does great work saving kitties.
Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher is a Winnie's Wish kitty!
So we're thinking that we should help try to...
Please help by sharing this idea!! 

Winnie's Wish Christmas Fundraiser!!


  1. HI new friend - thank you for your words we think they might be true ... Mom was looking for Scotchy all day on Sunday and was sad that he was gone - he was her big purr bear and the house was so quiet without him

  2. Mom here. I understand completely! The Horde started back in 1988 with Christopher T. Cat (black with a white belly button, we prefer two black cats at all times because of him). He lived to be 16 and passed away from kidney disease. He had Siamese in him and the largest vocabulary of any cat I've ever had. Not just me-om, but me-out, me-in, me-on, and words for water, food, clean the litter, it's too cold, pick me up ne-ow (two different words there!). He was amazing! And had nine lives, starting with the broken hip at ~six weeks which caused us to adopt him when I was with my ex-squared (he was still in college otherwise we'd have grabbed him up when he weaned anyway) which we suspect came from being hit by a car. Then proceeded to live through breaking it again by leaping from a balcony, getting caught for a few minutes in a dryer, managing to sneak back into the house when we sprayed for bugs (he was actually starting to act like an old cat beforehand, acted like a kitten afterward ::twilight zone music::, fell through the attic vent van (busting a few large steel vanes).... He took it upon himself to teach everycat who joined the Horde after him to be polite and ask mom for things, to always leave presents to the side of the door so mom wouldn't step on them (this was before I moved here) and he was the protector of both my children. He got into the end of the cradle of each one as they came home from the hospital and allowed each of the others to visit and look at his babies. It hurt terribly to lose him but I felt his presence for a few weeks afterward. And I know one day he'll show back up, just as some of the other Horde members have. If not, I'll see him again someday when I cross that same bridge. And as you see, I have wonderful memories that will never die.

  3. We know what you mean! We havent been able to stop being excited all day! The Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas campaign that you started is working!!! Four! count them FOUR kitties got homes!!!!! And three of them were my Leo's sisters! We're beyond happy!!!

  4. Audrey says, "I'm so so happy to see my friends from the cathouse get wonderful Forever Homes like me! Hi Leo!!! Three of your sisters too!! Whoot!! Now there are what? Eight? Nine?? We could make it!!! Keep on chanting!! Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas!! Ne-ow!!"