Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is It Live or Is It Memorex??

 "Guess which black cat I am?!?"

 "Am I live or am I memorex??  hehehe!"

"Double shot!!  Who's who?!?!"

 "Don't worry mom, we'll make the bed after we're done sleeping."

 "Poohbears!!  Mom caught us sleeping together
with dad last night!  Come on, Audrey!  Hiss at
me a little bit so she doesn't get the wrong idea!"
"Mom didn't sleep much last night."


  1. I miss Thomas so much. I has his pitchur on my claenders so I sees him efurry day. Still hoping.

  2. Poor Mom, I hope she can have nap during the day like us : )

  3. We has our paws crossed Thomas returns safely soon.

    We likes to trick our Mommy too. Can U believe sometimes she can't tell Arty and Scylla apart?

  4. Star says, "We miss Thomas too. The really weird thing is that three humans have had dreams about him living in a house down the street (not a specific house but... one of the humans lives next door to us. We make sure our mom naps during the day using our Evile Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Napping Skills. Making mom nap is very very important for her health. I have finally taught Audrey how to reach out and grab unsuspecting Feeders but she's not yet to the point where she can go invisible in a white hallway. But my young padawan is a good student so I feel sure that she will learn to do so soon."