Friday, January 14, 2011

Only One More Day to Sparkles!!

 "Do you think Sparkles will like to run
up and down the hall with me?"

 "I was going to let her play with my Christmas
toy but Mister Kitten broked it!!"

 "This is how I will groom her.  It is very 
important to get the head and ears kept clean!!"

 "Is she here yet??  Tomorrow?  Okay.  What's that??  Noodle & Olive are sending us their old water fountain!  They never drank out of it but just used it for meditation.  We had a Catit® fountain but the pump died and mom can't find the old pump to be able to replace it.
Thank you Noodle & Olive!!!"

"We are already Tims and Sparkles is already a Princess.  It's important to spay and neuter.  It makes us all healthier and helps reduce the number of furfriends who need new homes!"


  1. It is exciting waiting for Sparkles.

  2. ::vigorous nods:: Now we just want mom or dad to find a long staple gun so they can put new sisal rope on our two scratching posts! Mom has a staple gun but it's not long enough."

  3. We are so exited that you all will be adopting Sparkles - what great news!

  4. I'm so happy that your boys are all excited and prepared for Sparkles. I know she is going to love every one of you!!!

    Safe travels on Saturday :-)

  5. Busy day here. Getting ready for the big transport day TOMORROW. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look out Tims, your Princess is on her way.

  6. Oh I am still thrilled to kitty bits! Star? Hi, Baby...

  7. Oh, this is SO exciting! Sam and I have been counting down the days with you and we almost feel like Sparkles is coming HERE!
    I like that grooming picture (purrrrrr). I groom Sam like that and he loves it so much that his head gets all droopy and then just falls to the pillow. Once I thought I killed him with licks but then I saw he was just asleep. I hear I'm VERY good at my job :D
    We will be back lickedity split when we see you talk about Sparkles. Exciting weekend!

  8. [Star blows a kiss back at Admiral]

    Star has been talking and talking and talking!! Zaphoid grooms everycat!!

  9. Had to gallop back over. I quote from you: "actually made with Other Suspicious Evile Animals Wearing Cat Suits. ::firm nods all around::"

    Do you know how hard you made my mom laugh? Well, the good thing is, when she starts laughing like that, the feather wand jiggles more!

    Oh yeah, and we love Admiral, too. She's our BFF

  10. Mister Kitten pounces around, "YAY jiggling feather wands!! I wish I hadn't broken Star's feather wand. I already ated the feather end off of the other one. ::weg:: Star is just ga-ga over Admiral. The rest of us Tims think she is beautiful and I'm sure Sparkles will like her too. Making Feeders laugh is FUN!"

  11. Wow it sounds like you boys are going to be perfect big brothers for Sparkles! We know she is just going to love having all of you for her new family - she is one lucky girl! We can't wait to read about her arrival!!

  12. We are so happy for all of you and soooooo very happy for Sparkles.We saw her smiling over at her bloggie and I think she can't wait to meet all of you.


  13. So kind of you to take Sparkles into your home. Hope the rest of the Hordes don't have problems with her and vice versa.

    Good to have met you at Chatzy!

  14. This is so wonderful; I've been following the Sparkles saga & to think YOU are her Pot O'Gold at the end of the rainbow!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today!
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  15. We're looking forward to the pics!

  16. It won't be long now. Sparkles is sure to love moving in with all of you.

  17. We are sending purrs for a safe transport today ~ and to welcome Sparkles to yoor blog.

  18. We can't wait to meet Sparkles!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie