Friday, December 16, 2011

Delightful December...

"Actually it turned out to be mom.  Mean ole' mommy left the house on Tuesday night and didn't come back until yesterday!!  We were all so mad at her!  We just had to come up and purr & shed all over her.  Jennifer & Corwyn said she was at the hospital because her chest hurt.  That was probably why Star was grousing at her.  They did an... arteriogram on her and everything was okay (30% blockage) so they checked her gallbladder and it was okay.  The... cardiologist said her potassium was only 3.1 and it should be at least 4.  He thinks that's what made mom feel bad but he's having her come to his office today so he can take ultrapictures of her heart & see her valves.  That's because mom is having bladder surgery on Monday (like she had over the summer).  Knives is being mean mean mean mean mean!!  He's been chasing me ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!
Mean ole' Knives.  It should be better now that mom's home!"

PS don't forget that we have stuffs in our shop for the holiday... 
you deserve stuff for having to buy things for other Feeders!!


  1. Your poor Mommy! Wes will be purraying for here and keeping our claws crossed that everything comes out ok.

  2. Your poor mom. More tests. We hope she is feeling better and the surgery on Monday will go well.

  3. Be good to Mommy when she comes home after her surgery. We hope Mommy will be OK. We'll be purraying fur her.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. Tell your mom that we hope she is feeling better soon, and that the medical procedures go well.

  5. We are purring for your mommy. We hope she feels better and the surgery goes OK. Be nice to her while she's not feeling good.

    Laura and Taffy