Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Ole' Mommy!!

 "Mean ole' mommy won't let anyone OUT!!"

 "This makes emo kitty even more emo.
I prefer the outdoor kitty litter."

 "At least mom is giving me greenies when
she viciously forces me to take my meds!"

"LOTS of greenies!!"

"Well, if she feeds us enough greenies we guess we'll keep her."


  1. Life is rough when your Mom's an ogre!

  2. ~Sigh~ We all have that problem, but ya gotta admit, Moms are sure great to cuddle to when it's time for a cat nap.

    Just sayin .....

  3. We get very upset too, when there's a beautiful day outside or the moon is shiny and we press our noses against the window and mom won't let us out! The nerve, as if cats have to obey humans, sigh...But we love Greenies too, so we guess that's some compensation...Hmmm, maybe we cats should go on strike?

    Purrs to all of you,
    Miss Bella and Sele

  4. My mommy is being vicious too..using those greenies to get me to take my meds. She lays out three and one is loaded. I eat them all.

    Star? How are you baby?

  5. We agree ... if you have to take those yucky meds, make sure you get LOTS of greenies.

  6. Well at least you got some yummy treats :)