Thursday, April 7, 2011

496th Post... and other stuff...

 "It's very very important to clean ears... even your Feeders."

 "My cat Zaphoid is excellent at ear cleaning but
I won't let him help me get ready for Prom on Saturday!"
(test one, test two, test three)

 "Ha!!  You won't let any of the cats help!"

 "I stole Kni-ves pla-ace!  I stole Kni-ves Pla-ace!"

"Dad's gone to rehearse music in Nashvegas,
what are we going to eat?!"


  1. Nah! Order from da Pizza Hut/Vill/Palace/place.

  2. Audrey says, "Those stinky Feeders made steak and wouldn't give us any!! Mean ole' mommy. I got her back by racing out of the house at night and not letting her catch me for half an hour. Ha HA ha!!"

  3. Great photos, love the cats. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I LOVED the photos. Your son has the face anyone can love. (he reminds me of one of mine really at that same age..the midole son). Your daughter looks like a Queen of the Prom and the cats. Ah. LOve them all and their attitudes too.