Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow and Some Other Stuff

"What's up with the white stuff on the ground?

 "I am your slave twin brother of another mother... it's snooooooow."

When you have twins, your windows are never empty.

 "Those dumb ole' boys are out there.  I wonder why?  It is pretty!"

This is what happens when you have a kitten
scampering across your keyboard.

PS Please take a minute to go see the Facebook page dedicated to Snickers the Sphynx.  This page is dedicated to the awareness of the travel risks for animals in cargo and to all of the animals who have lost their lives or been injured while traveling on airplanes.

PSS  One of my friends, Sara Harvey who is an excellent author, has just had a baby.  She and her husband are fantastic woofie parents and I know that they'll be great human parents as well.  But they're having one spot of trouble.  One of their furbabies, Javert, is seeing the baby as prey.  They are heartbroken!!  Please read Sara's FB post and see if you might be able to help!  They've worked SO hard to socialize and train Javert and they want to make sure he gets a new Forever Home where he will feel safe and loved.  Purrs & prayers are greatly appreciated!!!


  1. oh how we love your window shelf... we need one of those cause we are dreamers as well and like to ponder as we look out there.

    we got snow too !! and footprints in snow : )

  2. We sit front of and outside our windows.

  3. Looks like little Nova is getting along nicely!

  4. We had some snow but it should not deter Star...

  5. We are sad for yoor friends. Obviously they hafta put their noo baby first ~ but it must be traic having to let their fur-baby go. Wot a terrible dilemma.

  6. The window seat is one of the least expensive ones and was ~$25. It holds two Horde members well if they like each other. ::grin::

    They are heartbroken about Jarvert!! He was traumatized and they've worked extremely hard to retrain him and socialize him. They are Good People™.

  7. Kat, it is heartbreaking about Jarvert. Let us all, kitties and humans, pray he finds a forever home that is just right for him (with no babies).
    Also, I thought I had seen a Stylish Blogger Award over here but now I don't. You should have one so I am passing it on to you. Go to my page and pick it up and post it to yours :D

  8. Thanks Lucy, we just got one from Admiral and are about to put it up!!