Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoons? Mom Has No Spoons But I'm Getting Furs!!

"These are the two Calendar types mom did.  One has pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & one has mom's drawings based on us."

"See!  See!!  We have icky food and the fountain pump isn't working so we have to drink from a regular bowl now and it's never ever ever ever full!!  No, really!!"

"The only Good Thing&tm; is that my furs are growing back!!  Harrumph!!  Which is good because I've had to sleep with mom every night, not that she's getting to sleep before two or later because the season is turning cold.  ::sigh::"


  1. Oh NICE furs...good job growing them back. My mom took me to the V-e-t a month or so ago and to my embarrassment I had one mat per flank. They were shaved off and I had to go thru the trouble of growing all those furs back agaon!

    Mommy got embarrassed but I told the v-e-t that I bit her when she tried to brush my flanks.

  2. LOL!! I once helped someone get the mats out her kitty's fur. She thought she'd have to cut them out or get them shaved and I did have to cut some off but once I did I just brushed her the same way I brush my sensitive daughter's hair. ::grin::

    Of course, I have a tendency to pick cats up by the scruff of the neck and hiss at them if they try biting me while I'm working on them. heh. Bad, bad me!!