Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Treats in the Morning! Treats in the Evening! Treats in the Afternoon??

You always know when it is time to get up at our house because the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde come up to you one by one (or two by two, three by three, and rarely four by four!) to remind you that it is Time for Morning Treats!!  This necessitates mom getting out the treat bottle, since I put treats into an large, empty supplement jar that is fairly easy for me to open but is cat-proof (thus far).  Now there are certain rules for getting treats.

Rule #1 - You must sit politely to get your treat(s).
[generally Da Boys get 1-2 at any treat time]
 "See?  I'm sitting all the way down mom!  No, really!"

Rule #2 - No pushing, shoving, or trying to take someone else's treat.  If you do, you have to go last.
Mister Kitten - "I didn't see anyone doing that!"
Zaphoid - "It wasn't me!!"

Rule  #3 - Thou shall not stare at the treat drawer in an effort to make mom give you treats in the middle of the day (even if this works half the time because you are soooOOOooo cute!).

"You are getting sleeeeeepy.  Very sleeeeeepy.
You want to give me treeeeeeeats!"
"Lookee!  We helped mom put up all of the 'This is my costume!'s and the first of the Trick or Treat section yesterday!!  Wheeeee!  Oh wait, there's a lot more to come!  Oh dear, and then Winter Holidays.  Hmmmm, we just might need a nap now.  Sorry mom!"


  1. What very good ways of getting treats - we are impressed with your obedience!?!

  2. Aw you boys are such cuties and such sweeties. You all look like you were very polite waiting for your treats!

  3. I LOVE that!!! Tricks again! I was in a Halloween mood I guess 'cause I kept calling to mom all night long. ALL night long. No reason. Just because I could.

  4. Cute post; you boys all look so adorable waiting patiently for your treats!...Hey, did hypnotizing Mom work :)?!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. My BoyCat head butts me until I give up. He recently had some FUS issues, and I knew he was back to normal when he got his fuzzy face in my face and meowed.

  6. Da Boys are pretty good... sorta good... most of the time they're very good to get their treats. They can often get extra treats by being sweet or by conning someone into thinking "Oh no!! We haven't had treats for days!" when they've just had some from someone else. Mister Kitten does that a lot!!

    Zaphy often won't be seen to get treats if he isn't feeling well. In fact, as he's aging, he's taken to sleeping under our bed a lot.