Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All I Want is a Cup of Coffee...

I woke up late today.  I blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  No, really!!  They were all over my feet & legs so there was no way I could get up.  I just had to go back to sleep!  I mean, really, move all of Da Boys?  Ludicrous!  I finally got up and went to run two errands.  I needed to go get some new shirts for my husband (yay consignment sale!) and hit Krogers for a few things.  As he always does, Star came up to me to greet me.  I set the backs inside the door but he didn't go inside.  I think he realized that I was going to move the car around back (no place to park in front).  I came inside and unloaded the bags. 

 "We like to teach our humans how to sleep properly!"

Ooops!  I missed buying one of the things I'd put in my bags to get and then realized that I needed to get more milk as well.  Off I went back to the store.  Fortunately my Krogers is just around the corner!  I popped back in and got my two items.  Jiggity jiggity home again, home!  Oh look!  There is Star, waiting for me.  This time he went inside.  He evidently knew that I would have to go back out again!  I just wish now that I hadn't missed my morning cup of coffee!!

"I wonder how much coffee mom can fit into this bag??"


  1. I used to love morning coffee--with lite cream. I think it was the taste of the coffee cream I really enjoyed. :-)

    Now I take my caffeine in the form of a bit of dark chocolate!

  2. Coffee is like blood...cannot exist without it! Mommy gets pinned down a lot by us. She complains about being hot! What a whiner.
    xx Lounge Kats

  3. See, that is where I am weird - can't stand coffee at all. Even the smell gives me a headache.

    And I totally get the "my cats were on me so I couldn't get up" excuse. I used it all the time when I need a drink but am trapped by a cat or two! Works like a charm! Somehow they never do it when I have to get up for work though (of course, that would mean a late breakfast if I didn't get up - that is probably why!)

  4. mmmmmm Dark chocolate!

    You know I have a number of coffee/caffeine graphics in the shop! ::wink wink::

    Some people can't stand it, we understand! My husband insists that the excuse doesn't work... but then he uses it!! ::grin::