Thursday, March 25, 2010


Amy & the House of Cats tagged me for the photo tag game.  In case you forgot, the rules are to post the 10th picture from the first picture folder, explain the story behind it, and then tag 5 more blogs!

This is Mister Kitten on the bed.  He likes to pose.  You can see just the barest bit of Thomas in the lower right hand side.  Mister Kitten likes to sit with his tail tucked up underneath him... sitting on it.  It's interesting in this picture how his eyes look to be the same color as his fur.  He's a pretty boy.

this is the 10th picture in the first folder in CafePress... it's a BumperSnicker... ::grin::

And now....
I tag Kea at Fuzzy Tales!
Missy, KC, & Bear?  You's tagged!
Samantha & Clementine is tagged too!
And last but not least... Kazoku Neko... tag, you're it!!


  1. Awesome! We are so glad you played! It is a fun one for us because it makes mom start looking through the other old folders we have full of pictures!

  2. That's great you played! Thanks for tagging us at Fuzzy Tales--we just played on Tuesday though. Maybe if I find a 10th photo that's interesting I'll post again! :-)

  3. Maybe if the tenth photo from the tenth photo is good?? ::grin::