Monday, March 1, 2010

A Strange Noise in the Night

Last night I woke up again to a very strange noise.  I knew it wasn't a burglar but I wasn't quite sure what it could be.  So I stealthily got up out of bed and crept toward the living room from whence the noise came.  I turned on the lights to find... Zaphoid in a large box which was on the floor.  Of course, being Zaphoid, he totally freaked being found out.  Now, having had cats for... ummm... going on 49 years now... I have to say that I have never heard a cat make the noises that he was making with that box.  My goodness!!  He is now curled up on the cat window ledge.

This morning my husband emailed me a few pictures of the cats.  Several of these are of Mister Kitten when he was still a 'she' named Miette.

what big paws he has!!
Since I was up last night, I went outside for a few minutes and the cats came out and scampered in the moonlight.  They all wanted back in before I came back in and Thomas sat by the door and waited for me to come back inside.  Actually, all of the cats do that.  Gee, do you think they like me??

I think I'm going to put in a section of
Cat Mommy/Daddy & Breeder graphics today


  1. Your blog design is really coming along nicely!

    Zaphoid freaked at being found in the box? He startles easily? (Derry is skittish and startles at every little thing.)

    As for adding sections of graphics--add whatever pleases you, I'm sure we'll enjoy seeing them!

  2. Thanks!

    LOL! Emo Kitty totally freaked! He is just like Derry. Right now he's laying on the bed with his head on a blankie. The only time he doesn't startle is when he's outside and being stubborn about coming in. "Meeee-ooooom! I want iiiiiinnnn!" and when you open the door, he stares at you and does the "What? Me? I didn't say anything."

    They'll be in my shop. I'm still thinking about what to call the section. hmmmmmmm.

  3. Oh that is so funny that he freaked out from being found in the box. Cats can freak out at the strangest things sometimes, can't they!

    And that picture of Mister Kitten is adorable - he did have big kitten paws!

    And we agree that the blog is looking great - you do make great graphics! We don't have that kind of talent.