Friday, March 19, 2010

Okay Thomas! I'm Stopping!!!

I've been working from the "bottom up" so to speak in the shop trying to get out the black t-shirts, sweatshirts etc.  There were a number of places where I didn't have to do anything but I was getting pretty tired and not noticing it.  Harumph!!  "Oh Noes!!  Mom!  Me-om!!  Timmy's in the well!!"  What?  There is food in the bowls.  There are no cats wanting out.  There are no cats wanting in.  "But Mooooooom!!!!!  Meeeeeee-ooooooooom!! [headbutts] Timmy is really really really in the well this time!!"

After a number of headbutts I started to get the picture.  Thomas felt that I had worked long enough on the website and needed to rest.  Yes, Thomas!  I'm stopping!!  He's such a taskmaster!!

I think that I neeeeed this mousepad...

I just wish that the silly thing would show the front of the mugs on the bottom!  Geez Louise!!

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