Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not flies, nor giants, nor dwarfs.  Nay!  It's seven new graphics in the shop!  Two of them went into Occupational Cats; Touch My Caffeine... and Exhausted & Overworked! 

Then I reopened Medical Expressions and revamped it.  I had already finished up 99% of the graphics for these when I was reading Doctor Grumpy in the House this morning.  Between blog & response I was inspired to draw just onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne more graphic for this section.  ::stares innocently at the ceiling::  Actually, it's all Thomas' fault.  No, really!!  If he or Star had helped me get to sleep last night, I might not have been in this kind of mood all day!  Howsoever, should you happen to go look, I hope you enjoy.  Regardless of your opinion, I'd love to hear it!!

white t-shirt (more items available!)

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