Monday, February 8, 2010

Excuse Me, Whose Bed is This??

I like foot warmers, really I do, but last night was beyond ridiculous.  Every time I tried to stretch my legs out straight, and admittedly they are long, I kept finding obstructions which would not move.  These said obstructions were also made of lead.  No, really!  Every cat, except perhaps save Thomas, had decided to sleep at the bottom of our bed all in a row.  This forces my husband and I to sleep with our feet scrunched up.  Now normally this is not a problem for me as I've always tended to sleep in a semi-fetal position.  Howsoever, since my total knee replacement I've rather preferred to have that leg out straight at night.  HA!

As for Thomas, his role is to sleep in between my husband and I, rather like an errant toddler.  And like an errant toddler he stretches out.  A lot.  If you have children over the age of two, you are familiar with the ability of the child to knock you out of the bed.  Thomas behaves just like a two year old.  No, really!!  In fact, one night I just barely managed to catch myself before I hit the floor.  My husband has not been so lucky, but his daughter is 23, while my children are 16 & 13 (alright, he'll be 14 next month...where does the time go?!?).

I just wish my children, who love and adore the cats when they are awake, would just let them into their bedrooms.  It would significantly lessen my bed load at night.  Maybe we should look into that king size bed, regardless of size & monetary limitations!

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