Friday, April 30, 2010

Me-om! Me-om! Where are You Going?!?!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde speeds off at the speed of... a cat wanting eat-trays... to catch mom at the door.  They begin the Discombobulated Keep Cat Feeder InTheHouse Dance, well, in order to keep mom in the house!!  "Don't worry boys!" calls out their mom, "I'll be back after I go see the doc in Lebanon."  At this Zaphoid trots off happily to his window seat and Mister Kitten goes up to see if perhaps, there might not be a dropped treat left over from earlier this morning.  Thomas and Star, however, Know Better.

 "Psssst, Star!"

Thomas: ::aghast::  "Muh-thar!!  However can you say that?!?  It takes years and years and years to get back from there!!  We'll be all starveded before you get back!!!"
Me: "Don't be silly Thomas.  I've already put food in your bowls."
Thomas: ::indignant::  "Yeah, but... but... but... Mister Kitten will just eated it all and then we'll all be starveded to death before you get home!!"
Me: "I don't think so dear, but I love you too."
Thomas: ::at Star::  "It didn't work, quick!  You think of something!"
Star:  "Mom?  Are you sure you're going to be okay to drive?"
Me: "Yes, I'll be okay.  I'll see you when I get home."
Star: ::dubiously::  "Hmmm.  Okay, I'll let you go this time, but don't stop anywhere on the way back.  Come straight home, you hear?"
Me:  "Yes, Star.  I love you too."

Gee, do you think this bumper snicker fits me??  ::weg::

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom! Me-om! Where are you?!

Today I've had two doctor appointments for my children and one dentist appointment for me.  As a result, I was up waaaaaay too early (note to self, get some of my coffee!) and got home waaaaay too late!  I came home to four cats laying on my bed glaring at me accusatorily.  I was allowed to put up my purse and cell phone and then it was...

"See mom?  We starveded while you were gone!!!"

Thomas: "Mom!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Okay Thomas, what's wrong?"
Thomas: ::wandering around:: "Timmy's in the well!!!"
Mister Kitten: "Mom?  Can I have something from the Big Bowl?"
Me:  "Of course you may." ::put food in bowls and Thomas & Mister Kitten nosh on numnums::
Thomas:  "Hey!  Hey!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!"
Zaphy:  "Mom?  I need to go ooout!"
Me:  "Just a second."  ::let Zaphy out::
Thomas: "Mom! Mom!  Me-ommmmm!  Timmy's in the well!!!"
Me: ::roll eyes:: "What is it Thomas??"
Thomas: ::goes to door::  "Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Do you want out, Thomas?"
Thomas: "Timmy's in the well!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me:  "Okay, okay, I'm opening the door."
Star goes out the door.  Thomas saunters off quietly.

small pet bowl... hmmm... I wonder how many scoops from the Big Bowl it would hold?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mister Kitten and the Mouse from the House of Cats

Star says, "Once upon a time, there was a package that came from Amy and the House of Cats.  When mom opened it, it had that icky stuff that mom puts in between our shoulders [Zaphy nudges him, "Hey!  You have to admit that we don't have the itty bitty biting things afterwards."  Star rolls his eyes & sighs, "Do you mind?"  "Oh, right," says Zaphy, "Carry on."] ahem, and some really cool catnip mousies."

He sits up taller, "At any rate, this morning the baby,"
 "Hey!!" interjects Mister Kitten, "I resent that!  I'm gonna be three in July!"
Star stares at the ceiling and sighs, "Alright, this morning the Kitten,"
"That's better."
"I'm ever so pleased for you.  May I continue?"
Mister Kitten nods.
Star closes his eyes, mutters a few words to Bast, and continues, "This morning Mister Kitten decided to steal my favorite mousie," he pauses and stares at Mister Kitten, "he had a grand time playing with it hither and yon until it viciously knocked itself under one of the dressers.  Of course, Mister Kitten immediately threw himself into emergency mode to try to save the mousie from being lost."

"Here I am supervising Mister Kitten's attempt to rescue my mousie!"

Star continues, "Mister Kitten tried everything he could but nothing worked.  Finally we had to call in mom.  Mom got down on the floor (we waited a long time to call in mom because we didn't want her to do this) and she got out the mousie (and a video and a piece of paper and and and).  Yay mousie!!!  Yay mom!!!"

"Mister Kitten is still playing with MY mousie!!"

Star harrumphs and cleans his left paw, "It's okay, Mister Kitten may do well with catnip mousies, but I am still the superior Mighty Hunter."  He preens some more.  "Uh-oh!  Here comes mom!  Gotta go!"
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde do not disdain the use of modern technology in their Mighty Hunting.  However this points to an Organic Women's Fitted T-Shirt in Pomegranate color!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wherein Cats are Wet, But Treats are Found, and Therefore the Horde Rejoices

The treat box has been missing for a few days.  This means that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde has been quite sad.  "Yes mom, we have been ever so sad without treats." says Star, "Treats are important to keep kitties strong and healthy.  No, really!!"  To add to that, it's been colder the last few days and yesterday the weather had the indignancy to rain.  This means that jaunts outside must be shortened.

This also means that I have been subjected to Da Boys coming in, one at a time, wet.  "You're wet."  "I know mommy.  Have you found the treats yet?"  "No.  You're wet."  "Uh-huh." Tries to get into the space behind my head where the treats normally reside, "Are you surrrrrrre you haven't found the treats??"  "I haven't found the treats.  However, you are still wet.  Please go dry yourself."  [insert cat sigh here]  "Okay mom."  [cat moves away from me & begins to groom himself diligently]

Star says, "See?  I was good!  I dried off before
  I went to mom.  Say, did you find the treats yet??"

Yesterday Corwyn and I stopped by Krogers on the way back from his dress rehersal (last consert as his middle school tonight!!  the brick on his head isn't working!).  We went in to specifically buy new eat-trays.  Catnip flavor & Tuna flavor!  They have purr-rises but I haven't checked about those.  Da Boys were sooOOOooo happy!!  No, really!  The Catnip flavor came in a large bag so I had to use three of the small plastic containers to put up all of the eat-trays in!  Now I have three content Tims laying on my bed with me whilst the fourth Tim is curled up on the window ledge.  (He's just changed position, I think he 'heard' me typing about him!!

This is the front and inside of one of Kat's Kards.  I really don't have anything appropriate (or that I think is, for Da Boys to thank me for buying them more eat-trays.  But I like this one.  ::grin::  As with most of the cards, there are a number of options.  A blank and two or three (or four or...) insides so that you can choose the one that speaks to you.  You can get postcards, one greeting card, greeting cards in a pack of 10 or 20, and note cards in a pack of 10 or 20 (yeah, irks me too that they don't have note cards in a singleton).  My mom got both the matte & the glossy at Christmas so I know that they are of high quality.  Sorry this got so long but I'd really really really like to build up my store.  No, really!!  I just realized I haven't taken Da Boys in for their shots because of budget and the month is almost over!  Ouch!

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Well Duh Mom! I Know I'm Wet & Cold...

...why do you think I jumped on top of you just as you were starting to sleep??  I mean really, Where else would I go to get warm and dry at the same time.  Hey!!  Why aren't you petting me??"  ::sigh::  Because I really need to try to something done today.remember that I've got that total knee surgery next Monday.  [BTW  because of that there will be  lapse, because I doubt I'll want to use my laptop while I'm in the hospital.

"Here I am on my window, being Emo Kitty."

Ah, Emo Kitty.  Yes, it's true.  All of the cats in my cafepress store come from one or more of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Zaphy is Emo Kitty.  Guess  who is the model for Slepping Kitty or Gray Cat!  And right now I Thomas getting into my face and playing on the keyboard!

Emo Kitty, "I am sure that no one is going to find the treats today.::le sigh::
It is so hard being Emo.  I shall write a poem and send it to all my friends."
[points to notecards]

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Arms or Legs Were Injured...

Yes, you guessed it!  I have a new camera!!  Under $30 and it has a flash, holds 100 photos, does video (once I figure out how to do that), can be a webcam, yada yada yada.  Have I tried it out??  What do you think??  ::weg::

 "I have got you in my pawer!  
You will put down more food from the Big Bowl!!"

"I sense that someone has been using his superpawers in here... 
but who could it be??"

"What?  Mom got a new camera??  Well, that explains the flashy thingee!"

"I have you in my pawer!!  You will take no more pictures tonight!
  You will go to sleep!!"
"Put that information down in the journal, okay?"   "Got it!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh For a New Camera!!!

I'm going to have to get a new one today if I can find one with flash that doesn't cost an arm & a leg.  Thomas was just in the cutest pose!!  All of the cats in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde (the Trouble Brothers - Thomas & Zaphy, Ninja Cat - Star, and the Baby - Mister Kitten (who will be three this summer)) have been posing for me... and me with neither camera working!!!  Arrrrrgh!!  This means I'm having to work with the pictures I already have.  ::head:desk::  At any rate, Thomas was posing very similar to this pose of Star, except with the quilt rather than a pillow...

Star: "Love the pillow.  Crash on the pillow.  Pillow is Mine!"

Sad to say, wiith my kids at their father's house for the weekend and my husband not getting up early, I was treated to "Timmy's in the well, mom!" from Thomas around 0700.  Now Da Boys know my tradition.  If "Timmy's in the well" early in the morning, you have to wait until I'm done with my morning routine.  Once I was done with that I asked Thomas & Mister Kitten to "show me" what they needed.  Off we went to the kitchen where, lo and behold!, their cat food bowls had food in them.  Evidently, my walking them to the bowls was sufficient unto the day so that they realized that indeed they were not starving to death and their ribs were not about to show any second now.  After Thomas and Mister Kitten were done eating and I was done making coffee (we grind our own beans), into the kitchen sauntered Star.  He also needed me to walk him to the food bowls.  Zaphy showed up just as Star was beginning to eat and evidently Star eating was his cue that he wasn't going to starve to death.

BTW  Star is being a lovey-dove today, purring and asking for pettings (and also trying----- to help with the blog!).  This Ninja Kitty used to be more aloof, it's 632+ amazing what eat-trays can do!!  ::weg::

Star: "Dad is almost always like this and sometimes mom is too.
This points to the large mug that I think we should get
Dad for Christmas or his next birthday."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hide and Seek Presents!

So the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Mighty Hunters evidently decided that we should play Hide & Seek Presents!  They have always enjoyed leaving presents for us and the Trouble Twins (Thomas & Zaphy who are out of the same litter from a stray Queen... who later became a Princess) were trained by the late Christopher (my first rescue as an adult who lived to be 16) to always put presents in a place where mom won't step on them.  All of the various members were taught this rule and have passed it down to every new member of the Horde as they've come along.

 "Any presents in here?  I need something to give to mom!"

Ah Spring!!  The time of giving mom presents!!  So far this year we've had one left on the floor and that wonderful present that got chased all around the bedroom in the middle of the night only to be left by the hall scratching post in the morning.  But wait!  What is this by the front door?  "There!!  By the hinge side so that mom doesn't step on it!!  It's a itty bitty present!!  A vole!  Look, mom, look!!  Don't you love your present?!"  ::shakes head::

Mister Kitten "Why does mom want this magnet??"
Thomas "It's all about you, trust me."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What time is it??? or How to Keep Mom Sleeping...

Once again I had trouble getting to sleep last night.  Well, evidently my family decided that they shouldn't wake me up as they went through their morning routines.  The cats conspired with them to keep me sleeping by putting me in the Triangle of Sleep.  Zaphy took up the window seat spot.  Mister Kitten was opposite him on the bed and Star was up beside by my head.  I was toast.  I woke up just enough to remember my husband's farewell kiss as he left for work.  "Ha!" said Da Boys, "She is completely in our power!"  With Thomas at my feet I had no choice but to sleep until... 11?  12? 

"Ah-ha!  She is in our power!  Let's make her sleep more Boys!"

 I am still being bombarded with Kitty Power Vibes.  There is a front coming in which means that I'm having a fibro & arthritis flare (joy of joys!).  As a result, Zaphy is guarding the window ("That makes the weather stay away, right mom??").  Mister Kitten has just returned to the bed after his morning adventures ("Hey mom!  I helped you stay asleep, but I gotta have my morning adventures!!").  Star is going back and forth between his usual poking about under the bed & around my things whilst trilling at me ("I need to make sure you're still paying attention to me, mom!") and getting up on the bed and trillpurring at me ("What does that mean, mom??"  "It means that you're trilling and purring at the same time, Star"  "Oh.  Do other cats do that, mom?"  "Very few Star"  "Huh.  I wonder why?  I'd better finish teaching that to the kitten.").  He's also trying to use the computer.

The bag... in honor of Earth Day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kat Pile!!

I had trouble sleeping last night and finally got up for a bit.  When I came back to bed, I got mugged.  Star got onto my feet, Mister Kitten snugged onto my side, and Thomas just plain laid on my chest.  All so that I would lay down and rest.  ::grin::  Kat pile!!  We changed positions a bit but this went on until I finally made it to sleep.  I would like to thank all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde members who made this possible.  You know who you are ::cough not Zaphy cough::  The fact that I got new eat-trays from the store yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with this!  ::whistles innocently and stares at ceiling whilst rocking back and forth with hands behind back::

Thomas: "You know, laying on mom is hard work!"
Mister Kitten:  "You're right!  I need a nap now."
Thomas: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Actually, all of Da Boys have abandoned me for the nonce.  ::sigh::  I am all alone in the bedroom.  This is probably due to the fact that a) it's a nice day b) they rested a lot last night and it's time for a bit of a romp and/or c) they've all had morning eat-trays so they don't need me at the moment!  Which reminds me, I wonder how long it will take before they learn pig latin??

heh heh heh!  points to the small pet bowl... Gray Cat Approved©!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All I Want is a Cup of Coffee...

I woke up late today.  I blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  No, really!!  They were all over my feet & legs so there was no way I could get up.  I just had to go back to sleep!  I mean, really, move all of Da Boys?  Ludicrous!  I finally got up and went to run two errands.  I needed to go get some new shirts for my husband (yay consignment sale!) and hit Krogers for a few things.  As he always does, Star came up to me to greet me.  I set the backs inside the door but he didn't go inside.  I think he realized that I was going to move the car around back (no place to park in front).  I came inside and unloaded the bags. 

 "We like to teach our humans how to sleep properly!"

Ooops!  I missed buying one of the things I'd put in my bags to get and then realized that I needed to get more milk as well.  Off I went back to the store.  Fortunately my Krogers is just around the corner!  I popped back in and got my two items.  Jiggity jiggity home again, home!  Oh look!  There is Star, waiting for me.  This time he went inside.  He evidently knew that I would have to go back out again!  I just wish now that I hadn't missed my morning cup of coffee!!

"I wonder how much coffee mom can fit into this bag??"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mighty Hunter(s) Strike Again... Present at 0300

It was a quiet night.  My husband and I were blissfully slumbering.  Suddenly we found ourselves with a bird in the bedroom.  Star and Mister Kitten were gleefully chasing their new 'toy' around and around.  At one point, Star was on the kitty window perch and reaching up halfway or more up the window.  My husband grumbled, "They've brought us another 'present' and I'm not getting up to deal with it."  Star and Mister Kitten pounced across the bed in pursuit of their new toy.  "I vote that we look for our present in the morning."  Which explains why I had the broom and dustpan out after I woke up.

Mister Kitten:  "Bird?  Bird?  What bird?  I swear I didn't do it, mom!"

This morning I put up the shade to see Zaphy at the window.  Now when the window cat flap is closed, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde announce their need to have a human come let them inside by sitting on this particular window.  If you don't notice them right away, they begin to scratch on the window screen.  They also do this at my son's window.  This is due to the fact that his window is right next to the front door.  We are all happy when the cat flap is open!!

To sleep, perchance to dream... (points to round magnet)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Star, the Baby, and the Big Bowl

Last night an old friend came to visit with her daughter and new grandson (three months old!).  Zaphy and Mister Kitten were brought out to meet the baby (Thomas was asleep on my bed).  They immediately went, "Oops!  Gotta go!  Something to do!!"  Star, however, was fascinated.  He watched as my children cooed and played "beep" with the baby.  He looked up while I was playing peek-a-boo, "Wow mom!  Look at that, that is so cool!"  When it was time for the baby to leave, he was very very tired.  And, as babies are wont to do, he didn't want to go to sleep and was crying.  Star immediately jumped up into my lap where I was sitting next to 'Gamma', who was holding the baby.  Purrrrrrrrrr, "Don't worry baby!  It's going to be okay.  I am sending you purrrrrs."  He was so cute! 

He reminded me of my late cat Christopher.  When my children were born I had my family cradle (which has been on rollers for years) by my bedside.  Of course we had already introduced all of the cats to the baby's scent.  We let them look at the baby while I was holding her/him and praised them.  The minute I put the baby in the cradle, Christopher jumped into the cradle and took up a spot at the end of the cradle, purring.  The other cats came to see what this new 'kitten' was lying down in my bedroom.  Christopher would let them look and take a sniff but the minute one put his paws on the edge, he would give them the 'Top Cat' stare, letting them know that this was his kitten and that he was protecting it.  He did this until the baby moved to a regular crib.

 "Okay mom!  I need to have a nap now!"

This morning, Star wandered into the kitchen.  He looked up at me and yawned.  He almost looked like he was about to ask for a cup of coffee!!  Then he trilled at me, "Mom?  It's time for breakfast!"  I walked him over to the food bowls and pointed out that there was already food in them.  He touched his nose to the Big Bowl (if you're not sure what that is, it's a locking lid garbage can bought for the purpose of holding cat food!).  "Star, there is already food in the bowls, it's perfectly fine."  He looked at the bowls, looked up at me with distain, and touched his nose to the Big Bowl again.  "No, mom.  I want fresh food.  Out of the Big Bowl!  Pleeeeease!"  ::rolls eyes::  "Okay Star." and I proceeded to give him a wee bit of fresh food on top of the old, which was really all he wanted.  I mean, how can you resist such a cute baby?!

It's just cupboard love!  ::grin:: (value t-shirt)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whew!! It's Almost Friday!!

Yesterday I was at my orthopedist's office doing pre-op for my right knee replacement.  All day long!!  By the time I got home I was too exhausted to even check email.  This morning I saw my orthopedist himself (along with the baby doc).  Both appointments were early which meant traffic, traffic, traffic!  I was glad to have my honorary brother (and his nearly 4 year old daughter) to drive me.  It was also nice to have my sweet Star sleeping on my leg both nights.  He doesn't seem to want to sleep on the pillow anymore but he did cuddle up which made it easier to get to sleep.  With luck, I'll soon be able to get a new inexpensive digital camera so that I can get new pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Until then...

Mister Kitten: "You're right, the piano makes a nice perch!"
Star: "Yeah, just remember that it's not only my perch first but
mom gets really mad if you knock anything off of it!!"

A tile coaster!  How apropos!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where's My Nurse Cat??

Sorry for not posting yesterday.  I wasn't feeling well at all.  Fortunately I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled with my fantastic pcp.  Doc Jones is everything you might want in a physician.  She is caring, intelligent, keeps up with the latest information, and treats you like you are part of the health team (as well she should!).  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is likewise fortunate in having a vet clinic full of veterinarians who are the same way (but for our non-human companions).  They seriously rock.  Which reminds me, as soon as I have the money, I need to get them down there to get their rabies shots!!  This month is Rabies Clinic month when the shots are discounted.  This is a Good Thing when you have four Tims to get vetted!  As for me, I get the joy of going to get an ultrasound today.  Wheeeeee!  I just hope it's not during the time I'm due to get some meds delivered.  As good as Da Boys are at teleporting through doors, opening treat containers, figuring out how to get into boxes, etcetera, they haven't figured out how to disguise themselves as humans and sign for packages.  At least... not so far as I know!!   Hmmmmmm, Star & Zaphy keep trying to get on the keyboard of the laptop.  Could they be wanting to order something online??

I think I'll get some of that premium catnip,
some new toys, a deluxe...

My son now has a new netbook.  I haven't really looked at it yet.  It's a Nickelodeon one... with slime.  ::shudder::  The boy is 14.  He hasn't watched that channel in years as far as I know.  And he needed one that will last him through High School.  Ah well.  I have only had two cats on the bed lately.  Star and Thomas.  But they sleep on my side and only leave me a small space wherein to put my feet.  Mister Kitten makes a leap and sleeps on the window seat now that the weather is nice.  I'm not sure where Zaphy has been sleeping.  Only Gray Cat knows.

Inspired by human children or furbabies??  (tote bag)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sleepy Sunday...

Zaphoid: "Hey!  Where's the kitten??"

points to the kids' T-shirt, I love the little kid stuff but I don't have it on everything

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas!

Yes, we love you too.  But really.  Must you rub yourself all over our faces at OMG early on Saturday???  And then to look pitiful so that your Feeders will keep picking you up.  Oh you neeeeeed treeeeeeaaaaaats.  And when I go over to get the treats (after all, you did miss morning treats), you sat down and waited like a gentlecat."

Oddly enough, this behavior only lasted until my husband left for work.  Now he is resting from his labors...

"Be still, and know that I am Cat;
and I shall permit you to spoil me rotten."

Now the only problem is that I didn't get to sleep until... um... ah... way too late watching Drumline on BET.  I couldn't help myself!  That movie is great!  It has some kickin' music, which was why I got the soundtrack (one of those cd's I save up for!).  In the meantime, between not much sleep last night, not very deep sleep because I only had one dose of the med that drops me into delta, but most of all, because Thomas is sending the secret sleep rays.  ::yaaaaaaaawn::  This is not good because I really do have Things I Should Do.  ::sigh::  There was something else I was going to say but now I can't remember what it was!!

This is me today!!  And I'd love to get this shirt... in galaxy I think!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thomas Asserts Himself

Perhaps it's Spring in the air.  Perhaps it's because he wants to have all of the treats.  Perhaps it's just because he's the eldest.  Whatever the reason, Thomas has been asserting his rights as King of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Pack.  Harrumph!  So There!  Batting everyone around, trying to be in First Place, and generally being a bully.  Of course, this only means that I begin asserting My Rights as Head of the Pack.  I begin staring into his eyes until he breaks contact.  muahahahahahahaha!  I swat him when he swats someone else or throw him off of the bed.  I make him get treats last.  ::weg::  (this last really irritates him)  In general, I let him know that Momma Ain't Playin' That Game.  ::narrows eyes at Thomas::  He will continue getting this treatment from me until he starts behaving in a manner that I approve of, in other words, as a gentleman cat.

Thomas asserts himself with his brother.

No appointments today so I hope to get some things done in the shop, provided CafePress will let me!!  Yesterday it wasn't letting me put things into the new sections.  ::sigh::  Cross your paws!!  If it doesn't today, I'll try putting in some new graphics.  I have "I'm with her" & "I'm with him", a "Graduation Cat" (that will be in both cards & regular!), and I'll have to make a "Teacher Cat" as well for those who want to give gifts to teachers!!  Oh yes!  I got a massage yesterday for the first time in ages!  It was wooooonderful!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Full Day!!

I spent the day at the doctor's office and then waaaaay too long spending over $200 at the grocery.  Eating heart healthy is expensive!!  I came home just before the children did and had them put up the groceries.  Once they were done and I'd had a futile discussion with them about really needing to cut the grass & bagging it.  Riiiiiiight.  They are both teenagers.  Ergo, this is unlikely to happen.  ::sigh::  My daughter is doing homework and for some reason my son doesn't want to do the physical work even though he will get money.  My husband called just as I was about to consider looking up the gypsies.  So off I went to the chiropractor and a massage.  When I came back, my usual greeter was waiting for me.

StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty greets me when I get home...

He checks to make sure that I'm okay.  Then he makes sure that I get into the house with no problem.  The funny thing I noticed today is that if he does something he should not.  I said "Star!" and he ignored me.  Then I went, "StarWalker!" and he immediately looked at me, stopped what he was doing, and began walking by my side.  As we got to the front walk I went toward my lilac bush (which is still a baby bush) and he looked up at me and trilled.  I told him what I was doing and he waited on the walk until I came back.  Then we went in together.  Now I've had everyone but Mister Kitten come up and demand something from me!!  Oh my!  What a full day!!

Where's that Cherry Dr. Pepper?? (goes to mug)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I swear that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde talk to each other.  They pass messages to each other, to either get something or to decide who is going to take care of mom.  It's the Changing of the Cat Guard but with nursing kitties rather than going in and out of the door!  Da Boys decide who gets what, who is allowed where, and so on.  Of course, the two who are the worse about this are Thomas and Zaphoid.  But they are also litter mates.  My eldest boys, their mother showed up on the doorstep of a friend who is allergic to cats.  Now she has two children who love cats.  So she also lives with two cats (or is it three?) because of her two children.  This means that when the mother cat appeared, my friend took her in.  At that time, there were no shelters that took in pregnant animals.

Once the kittens were born, there were two that just won the hearts of everyone in our family.  And thus Sir Thomas of Snuggle and Zaphoid Beeblebrox came home to live with us.  As you can see, Zaphoid is a traditional sable point.  But Thomas, ah Thomas.  He is a tabby-point... blue... unless he wants to be lilac... or red (that's not the right name but my brain has just gone somewhere else).  No, really.  Thomas changes color.  In fact, he went lilac for Easter!  He's going back to blue now, but evidently he felt that Easter deserved a color change.  ::grin::

Zaphy: "Hey, mom is giving out treats.
We need to get upstairs neeeooooww!!"

This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Doctor Grumpy in the House.  I made a comment that I didn't expect to be put up for everyone else to see because it had a url for my shop.  This one hasn't been switched into the "Things You..." sections yet and CafePress is being a poohbear right now.  meh.  But here is what I sent.  ::grin::

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Kats!!

I spent the night last night in the local hospital.  I had some chest pain but it turned out to be esophageal.  Or at least that's what the doc thinks at this point.  Dale said that Da Boys were all hanging around the bed distraught.  Most especially Star, who was quite upset.  Of course, this may have been due to the severe lack of treats.  ::grin::

My sweet Star baby!!

I got home to three boxes of pressies!!  Yay!  One was from eBay with two new computer mice.  One is working fine and I need instructions to get the other one to work.  The second one was from Sock Dreams.  YES!  My black OTK tube socks and my three pack of gray quarter crew bamboo socks.  mmmmmmm bamboo.  But the last one I opened... the pièce de résistance... was a pressie from Amy & her Kitties!!  Enough Frontline to last the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde through July (well I'll need one in July but still!!) which I knew were coming... but there were also mousies!!!  Star noticed them at once and began investigating.  He immediately decided that one of the mice was His Mouse.  It's a soft natural color with a rope type tail.  He's already carried it off!!  Thanks Amy!!  Thanks Kitties!!  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitties say "Mousies!!!  Purrrrrrrrr!!!  Meeeeooooommmmm!!!  Why are you putting That Stuff on us again?!"  ::grin::  It took five minutes to get Thomas to eat treats after having Frontline put on!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde says,
"Thanks for taking care of the fleas and things!!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

ThinkGeek :: Flexi PC Pet ID Tag

ThinkGeek :: Flexi PC Pet ID Tag

I just wanted to have a pointer to this.  Now I've used the little ones they have at pet stores for dogs before but not for the cats, for us!  Everyone in the family takes a lot of medication so we put them on paper and roll them up in the small aluminum cases and then on a necklace.  Currently the Horde has stainless steel tags that I engrave myself with their names & our phone number on it.  I keep their rabies tags because Da Boys like to lose collars.  A lot.

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Now Don't Forget to Brush...!!

Last night I reminded my daughter to brush her teeth well before going to bed.  I'm sure she resents this because, after all, she is a 16 year old girl.  But she is also a girl who still has braces and forgets to brush enough.  I know this because I am her mother.  So she gripes, grouses, and generally gives me a frowny face when I point out that I had totally ragged her brother about brushing his.  She got a step, maybe two, out of my doorway when she flipped back around and casually sauntered up to the bed and petted her cat, Zaphoid Beeblebrox.  Now as we all know, Zaphy is... he's... well, there is no good way to say it, he's a bit of a petting sponge.  He's also quite vocal about having his daily brushing.

"Don't believe a word she says!!
Look at these innocent eyes!!  You are getting sleeeeeeepy.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.  You are going to the store
and buying lots of gooshy food and catnip!!"

As Jennifer is petting her cat, she cocks her face up slyly at me and says, "Mom!!  You have just not been brushing my cat as well as you should!!  I mean really, his fur feels as bad as my hair does when it's this dirty!" she thrusts out a braid for dirt-laden comparison.  "You have simply got to do a better job of brushing my cat!  And it has to be the metal side, not the boar bristle side.  You know that the boar bristle side doesn't properly reach his undercoat."  She went on in this vein for a good ten minutes, long enough for her to embroil my husband into the show.  It still didn't get her out of brushing her teeth... however, it did manage to win Zaphy two more brushings and an extra set of bedtime treats.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

"hmmmmmmmm indeed.  Dale's Chicken is verrrrrrrry goooood.  You don't ever really give us any.  When you go to the store, you should also buy lots and lots of chicken.  Now where's the dad-person?"

"Me-om?  You should also get this apron for dad."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Day Before a Happy Easter...

Everyone having overslept (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde alarm didn't work this morning!), we missed the Holy Saturday service this morning (everyone but my daughter are Episcopalian).  My husband will be in Memphis tonight for a gig* and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon.  This means that the TMNKH alarm had better get on the stick tomorrow!!  My son and I absolutely must manage to go to the 8:45 service so that the kids' father can come pick them up and take them to a play in Nashville.  This means I have to rest up.  Thomas was a wee bit upset with me for not getting up on time, but I imagine he won't be upset with me for resting!!

Thomas giving the disdainful Buddha pose!

Today I plan to color my hair in honor of Easter.  Given that my children are now teenagers and no longer color eggs, I might as well color something!  My mother told me that I ought to let my color fade out because I'm going a beautiful silver rather than gray.  I thought about this, but then I had an epiphany one night.  I turned to my husband and said, "Hey!  Waitaminute!  My mother still colors her hair!!"  Howsoever, I am still using a non-permanent color just in case.  Of course, my mother also didn't like my new haircut either.  hmmmmmm.

Da Boys were quite content with Dale being gone last night to do work on his family farm.  Although Mister Kitten eventually retreated to his new spot on the window ledge, the others wallowed in All That Space!!  Which is odd because quite often they are to be found across the end of the bed anyway.  Hrmmmmm.  Protecting the room??  Maybe I should make catwalks!!  After all, they do have a great deal of Siamese blood and Siamese used to guard Temples.  It's one of the reasons that Siamese males are so genial with kittens.  I remember my late grandmother's cat Genivieve having a litter of kittens with a pure-bred Siamese.  He came around when the litter had been born (actually a bit before checking) and didn't understand when she got all... peeved... at him.  You could tell that he was just wanting to be a Good Daddy and help!!  Poor baby was quite confused.

 Do you think if he'd worn this small pin on his collar
things would have gone differently?  Naaah, me neither.

*Four Foot Gypsy will be playing at The Brookhaven Pub from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM (CST since the Pub is at Brookhaven Circle W. Memphis, TN 38117)