Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mugging or The Saga of the Pulled Pork Sandwich

As you may recall, my husband brought home two plates of goodies home from our friend's birthday party last night.  One of these plates contained pulled pork BBQ made by another friend who is part of a crew which has taken 4th in the Memphis BBQ competition.  So for lunch today, I made sandwiches.  mmmmmmmmmm  Because of the weather (okay and the fact my kids are gone this weekend), I'm a wee bit tired, which meant I ended up eating lunch in bed.  Cats like being on the bed.  Treats often come from the bed (they live in the headboard).

"Whatcha eating mom??"
"This is not for you"
"But it smells gooooooood!"
"You may not have any of this.  This is my sandwich."
"Mooo-ooooom.  Please?!  Cats neeeeeeed it!!"
::sigh::  "Cats have treats??"
::sigh::  "Okay." ::henchman whispers into ear::
::narrows eyes at cat::
::thinking::  "Cats lick the plate?"

Need an apron for the grill?? Or looking for something
else, we got tons of thing for everyone!!  No humans on the barbie please!!

You are Getting Sleepy... Very Sleepy...

My husband went to a friend's birthday party last night and returned around 11:00.  When he returned home he had two plates full of goodies for me, one of which was three different kinds of birthday cake.  He got into bed and immediately Thomas hopped up to perch on his tummy.  Suddenly, huge Siamese Cat eyes were staring into my husband's head. 
"You realize that Thomas is staring at you."
"I know that Thomas is staring at me." 
"I wonder what Thomas wants?" 
"It's Thomas, there is no telling what Thomas wants."

on the other side...

"You are getting sleepy... very sleepy...  
You will get up out of bed.
You will get the BBQ out of the refrigerator and put it down on the kitchen floor..."

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