Friday, July 6, 2012

The Party Starts NOW!

 "Welcome to our house!!"

 "I'm turning 15 on Sunday!"


"We're having a party for Zaphy's birthday!! Our oldest brother is turning 15 on Sunday so it's party party party and YOU are invited!! Plenty of toys and food and drink! We've even got a 24' above ground pool outside that's fenced in for everycat & woofie who likes to swim to take a dunk. There are three cat towers to climb and two other cat scratchers to tear up (mom just re-sisaled those!). Tons of balls and some squeaky mice & a squeaky bird too!! Come on in and have some niptini or milk or water! Here's some ham or turkey or tuna! We've got lots of places for naps when you need to take a rest from the festivities! We'll be partying all weekend LONG!!"