Friday, August 26, 2011

Audrey's Foster Mom Chystal Needs YOUR Help!!

All of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & our Feeders
are purring & praying that YOU (or somecat you know)
will be able to help Audrey's foster mom Chrystal!!

"Mom & dad & Jennifer & Corwyn fell in love with me from the first time they saw me on Chrystal's website!  (this proves how smart they are!)  It took some time for Da Boys to get used to me living here but mom was patient (and the Valerian helped!) and now I am bestest friends with everycat but stinky ole' Knives (well, I tolerate him if he doesn't get into my stuff or stare at me or mess with me or..

"This is me as a baby at my Foster Mom Chrystal's Cathouse!
I was called Sparkles then but now my name is
Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher!  Don't I look cute!!"

"I worry about the number of cats & kittens who need
Forever Homes right now!  Please please please go see
the cats & kittens who need homes!  Trust us!  You can't go
wrong with one of her furfriends!  When it's time to adopt
again we're going back there for our new Horde member!!