Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainbow Bridge - Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was rescued about 16 years ago by my mom and my brother David.  She was always David's cat but she lived at my mom & dad's house.  First because he went to college, then because she didn't like anyone but David and heaven forbid there were other animals in the house!!  Miss Kitty was a feral cat rescued from underneath an old school building.  But my family has an excellent track record in rescuing feral cats.  It took many years before Miss Kitty would let anyone but David touch her.  Then it was just mom... then dad.  Oddly enough, she would come to me and my children... and once we married, my husband.  This rather shocked my mom since Miss Kitty didn't take to anyone else.  She was a long-hair black and white.  I have no pictures of her.  For the last six months or so she has spent most of her time on her pillow in front of the living room heater or on her soft throw rug on the couch.  She's been eating special food that had to be served in a particular way in a particular dish.

Since Christmas I've watched this beauty deteriorate.  Beginning to look like an old cat but still content so long as her people were there to serve her and give her the Proper Attention™ she deserved.  She spent a lot more time at the vets.  Last week she saw the vet four times and was diagnosed with kidney failure.  We all knew it was time to make sure that she was comfortable.  My brother went to have dinner with my parents, actually to visit his cat, Miss Kitty.  She had a good weekend but this morning she experienced seizures.  Mom called the vet to change her appointment from one to help her be comfortable to one to help her cross the Bridge.  Miss Kitty passed away in my mother's arms at the vet's office before her first shot.  She will be cremated and her ashes scattered over a farm that does that per David & my parents wishes.  My parents do not plan to get another cat.  Mom turned 69 this year and they want to travel.  It will be easier on them without having a furbaby at home to worry about.  But the house feels empty.  They haven't had a home without a cat since they were married when I was 11 (dad is mom's 2nd husband).  Their first cats were Elizabeth & Mittens, my late grandparents (actually my Aunt Susan's, see a trend here?) cat Gwenivere's last kittens.  Only two in the litter and we just had to have both.  I've lost furbabies over the years.  My parents, my brother have as well.  Every loss is like a hole in your heart.  But even though she was shy, she was beautiful.  And she leaves behind a small black and white hole.  Which explains why Star is trilling at me, trying to make me feel better.  Thanks for listening.


PS Corwyn just reminded me that Miss Kitty was 18 years old.