Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meowmy!! We Wanna Post!!

 "Hi!!  Mom's been really really tired and stuff but I've been having fun in this tunnel thingy.  My twin brother of another mother says I have lazer eyes just like him!  He's been teaching me to be a Ninja.  Why does mom say that's a bad thing??"

 "Mom's computer programs have been being bad.  I offered
to eat them for her but she said I eat too much already.  I told
her I only weigh 14.5# and I'm staaaaaarving!!  No, really!!"

 "Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  When are you going to
open the window so I can go out mom??"

"Jen here!  This is me at my graduation with my mom!"

"We were going to go to Jen's graduation but we couldn't get OUT!"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jennifer, Mom & the Computer

First it was Mother's Day, then there was Jennifer & Corwyn's Spring Concert on Monday (Jennifer's last one!).  Thursday I was at a lawyer's office in Nashvegas to start my second appeal for SSD.  Saturday Jennifer got regurgitated from High School.  And the ramp going down to the bottom of Murphy Center to get to the elevator to take you up to the level to the handicapped seating is at such a hideous angle that I hurt my arms trying to keep my wheelchair from tipping over.  I think I was going 10-15 miles over the speed limit.  I managed to make it through the celebratory dinner but not to Corwyn's recital.  I'm still recovering.  OTOH the laptop's power supply is kaputin!!  Dale picked up another one but it is kaputin!!  Once I have the energy to drive again I'll take it back because the two pieces don't fit together and stay together.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HELP NEEDED!! Woofie Javert Needs a Forever Home ASAP!!

Our friend Javert needs a new Forever Home... he lives near us in Nashville, TN and was rescued by a great author named Sara Harvey and her husband who have just had a new baby.  Here is his story...

He is approx 3-4 yrs old, male neutered german shepherd mix (we are guessing hound/shepherd).
Here's his story and our situation:

Our lives changed in April of 2009 when a scrawny, starving dog turned up on our back porch.  We took him in, looking to foster him for a local humane charity. Sadly, his neglectful and likely abusive owners who dumped this beautiful dog in our neighborhood left deep emotional scars on the shepherd mix we called Javert. Only a few days before he would be placed in his forever home, he bit a guest at our house and was given a death sentence.  In the two months we'd had Javert, he had become a member of the family and proved himself to be loyal, loving, and cuddly, if a bit unstable.  He filled out into a beautiful 80 pound shepherd mix with a majestic ruff around his shoulders and soulful brown eyes, along with that shepherd yip that belies his huge size. We worked for almost two years training him to accept people, but with limited success. He is still very cautious and often snaps at strangers out of fear. We met every achievement and milestone with renewed hope that he might be rehabilitated but always had that underlying fear that he'd have a setback and we would have to put him down.
When our daughter was born in January 2011, the situation came to a head. At first, he would not accept her, which was a problem. But after a few months of hard work, he grew to understand that she was our baby and that she was part of the pack and needed to be guarded. This has opened up a new set of issues with his overly protective nature. We know it will only be a matter of time before he perceives a threat and lashes out with only the best of intentions at heart, but that will only end with his death at the end of a needle at animal control and he deserves better.  As much as this dog means to us, we know that the best thing for him is to send him someplace where he can live out his days safe and loved where he will never be in danger of being put down for biting anyone else.

PLEASE PLEASE boost the signal!!  They've tried so hard to find him a great Forever Home!  They tried to get him into a good rescue home but the rescue place keeps asking for more and more money and have started sending very abusive emails.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Four Months With Audrey

 "This is me when I was a baby and lived at Chrystal's house.  She was my foster mommy and has a private rescue for cats & woofies.  She's going on vacation tomorrow  but keep an eye out on her blogYour house might make the purrfect Forever Home for one of her rescues!"

 "This is me looking out the window while driving to my new
Forever Home!!  I'm licking my lips because mom said I'd get
greenies when we got home!  I am a very very good car rider.
Everyone was very impressed, which is as it should be!!
Everycat knows that black cats are the best!"

 "Playing with hair bands is my most favorite game!  I don't
chew on them.  I carry them all over the house and try to get
the Feeders to play with me.  I like to skitter scat them most in mom's bathroom though.  There is a scale where I can hide them
(and move around to get them back!) and a stool where I chase them around the legs.  I like to steal hair bands off of dad's nightstand."
(PS Everycat needs to be watched to make sure they play
safely with hair bands!  Swallowing them is a Bad Thing!)

"Next month I will be one year old!!  I'm as long as my twin
brother of another mother Star, but I am more petite.
Which is understandable since I am a Princess."

"I love the Feeders in my house and I get along with everycat
but Knives, my archnemesis.  We're getting better though.  We still chase each other off of places and I still hiss at him but he's started trying to touch noses with me & stuff.  ICK!  Knives cooties!!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where oh Where Have We Been??

 "As you can see, I'm back to normal!
Now, I just need to inspect this water here."

 "I've been resting up so I can switch out with Da Boys
to help make mom feel better.  The weather has been
very changeable and it makes it harder on her.  That's
why she hasn't had the 'puter on so we can blog."

 "What?!  We haven't been blogging??
Quick!  Someone get me a treat, I feel faint!"

 "I am also all healed up.  Mom tried keeping all of Da Boys
inside but dad isn't any good at it.  Plus Thomas and Zaphy
yell if they don't get to go out.  I paw the door and all of us
give mom & dad the vote of 'no confidence'.  Dad doesn't like
the smell.  We have him twisted around our paws!  Muahaha!"

"This is how mom feels right now.  But this next week will be hard on her too.  Both kids have a concert tomorrow night, Corwyn has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday (mom's going to try to change it), she has to see a lawyer about SSD on Thursday and on Saturday Jennifer is being regurgitated from high school!!!"

"This is our backyard.  Once mom has enough money she wants
to put in a cat-proof fence (yeah right!!  How're you gonna do
that mom??)so we can go out of our window door and into a safe place.  Audrey is very very good about going out on the harness but the rest of us want to run OUT!  Mom can't put anything toward it
yet because of Audrey's vet bill (over $200!) and shots coming up.
(shhhh!  Don't tell Thomas, Zaphy, Knives or Audrey!)"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

YAY!! Precious Found a Forever Home...

Check out Brian's blog for more details about her new home
as they become available.  He also lets everycat know about
other cats who need new Forever Homes!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HELP NEEDED ASAP!! Precious Still Needs a FOREVER HOME!!

Precious has just over a day as of this posting to find a 
Forever Home!!!  Please please please go to this link & contact Brian if yours is the Forever Home for Precious!!  Isn't she lovely??  She lost her Cat Mommy and desperately needs someone(s) to love and cherish her!!
We're all purring & praying that someone will take a fancy to Precious and give her the wonderful Forever Home she deserves!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Audrey is Feeling Much Much Better!!

 "I'm feeling sooooo much better!"

 "My arch-nemesis Knives has been picking on me
all morning!  I think he's mad because mom
locked him out of her bedroom all weekend."

 "I've been playing with toys this morning and last night
I even played with my favorite hair bands!  I've
been running around and trilling and purring."

"Mom!  Hey mom!!  You should give
me lots and lots of special treats!!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Operation Happy Sock!!

"Hai!!  I have a very very important thing to talk to you about today!  TOYS!!  Yes.  TOYS!!  You may not know this but many kitties are wandering around in the cold cruel world with NO TOYS!!  This travesty can no be allowed to continue!!  CATS MUST HAVE TOYS!!  Fortunately mommy came across a way to help CATS HAVE TOYS!!  I'm sure you're all wondering how you can do this.  Well I'm going to tell you. Break out your lazer eyes.  Use your lazer eyes on your Feeders and make them go to Operation Happy Sock.  They talk about how to make socks into catnip CAT TOYS!!!  Then how to take the CAT TOYS and donate them to cats who needs toys!   Sock Dreams just posted this link on their Facebook page and suggested that their crafty bundle would be perfect for this!  I only wonder how long they hold up!  I completely tore apart the only happy sock mom made thus far and took out all of the catnip and started on the stuffing!  Mean ole' mom immediately took it away when she saw the hole so that neither me nor the other Horde members ate stuffing!  We are all very excited about this project and are looking forward to tasting, ummm... testing the Happy Socks to make sure what kind of socks work best for cats and kittens who need CAT TOYS!!  We'd like everycat to please join us in spreading the mews about this great idea!!"

"This cat needs a Happy Sock!!  Make more than one today!!
A shelter in need needs you!!"

Clean Bill of Health from Dr. Alexander!!

 "Mom took me to go see Dr. Alexander this morning after she viciously gave me a pill and my second dose of fever medicine.  Mean ole' mommy!!  When I got there they took me into the back and the mean ole' vet tech stuck something up my... my... my... ::shudder:: oh the horrors!!  But then they took me back to my mom and there weren't even any cat treats!!  Dr. Alexander came in and told us that my temperature was 102.3 and I had gained an ounce.  He and mom were very happy with me.  Mom told him that I didn't like the water in the bowl but I started drinking as soon as mom put my favorite fountain in the bathroom.  I used my litter box and both of them were happy with me.  Dr. Alexander told mom I don't have to go back unless I get to feeling bad again, mom will keep an eye on me."

"Mommy and I want to say thank you for everyone who purred & prayed for me!  Mommy is a little worried because my visit to the vet costed her 220 green papers but she said I was worth it."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Audrey Is Doing Today

"I'm feeling better this morning but I didn't want to write until after mean ole' mommy had given me my meds and taken my temperature.  My temperature is down to 102.8!  I'm purring and wanting mom and everyone to pet and love on me and boy oh boy do I want OUT of the bedroom!!  But mean ole' mommy won't let me out until I use the kitty litter.  Mean ole' mommy!!  She's about to force me to drink water!!  She knows I drank some out of the toilet (and daddy went ick ick ick!!) but she hasn't seen me drink out of the bowl.  She's going to bring in one of the fountains to see if that helps encourage me."

"I want to thank everycat and their Feeders who sent me purrs and prayers!!  I and my Feeders think that's why I got to feeling better SO quickly.  Trust me, it had nothing to do with those shots that Dr. Alexander made me take!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

 "Mom put this fountain into her bathroom, so I had real water!! 
I drank tons and tons and tons!!"