Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are You Coming Innnnnnn??

Last night I let in the cats as usual (Zaphoid prefers to use the Outside Litter Box) and they piled up on the bed.  My daughter came into the bedroom and Zaphoid (her cat) stared up at her mournfully.  You see, she used to insist that he go to bed with her and would pick him up like a rag doll.  He had no problem with it and would hang limply in her arms or over her shoulder.  Then he would tuck up around her head and lick her ear until she went to sleep.  When Dale and I got together, they would still do that but once she was asleep, he would leave her and come into our bedroom to sleep with us.

When Jennifer moved upstairs into the Eldest Daughter's room, she stopped picking up Zaphoid.  So he became Emo Kitty.  Often her door would remain closed all night and you would find him on her stairs laying on one stair with his head on another, sighing.  Poor, poor Emo Kitty.  Then he would just lay on our bed with his head on whatever he could find or hanging it over the edge, sighing.  Poor, poor Emo Kitty.  Last night however, we convinced Jennifer that she should take Zaphy upstairs with her. 

He sat on the edge of our bed waiting for her to pick him up.  Instead, she stood in our doorway calling for him to follow her.  ::rolls eyes::  Then she started to walk off without him.  You could almost hear him crying as he turned around and padded softly toward me.  I called Jennifer back and said, "Honey?  He wants you to carry him."  She came back and he swiftly went to the corner of the bed again to sit prettily for her.  She looked down at him and melted.  Jennifer picked him up and cuddled him and took him upstairs.  Yay!!  Of course, he was back downstairs with us in time to watch the late late shows.  ::grin::

the cafepress Emo is a different color