Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yea, verily, yea... the tissues floweth like water...

My son is at his father's house, after bemoaning the fact that he doesn't have a "cat of his own".  The cat that was his, Quigley the Demon Dust Bunny Hunter, passed away this year.  Unfortunately we just can't afford another cat (affording these four is going to be iffy until the store takes off given my day job situation).  This morning the heart of my heart went to a friend's house to help them put in new attic stairs (yay insulation & ease of getting up & down!).  This is a pay back because they helped us do the same last year.  It's amazing how much those winter heating bills go down when you have a good seal around the attic stairs!  You can also con... uh... I mean... get the kids to go up to get things down a lot easier if they are in great shape and lock so they won't do anything funny until it's time to make them go back up!

In the meantime, my daughter had $40 which her father had given her to go shopping.  A local thrift store was running a "Pick Your Sale" Sale.  She chose the stuff a bag with clothes under $10 for $15.99.  I have to say that after shopping with my daughter (17 in Aug) that she not only has good taste (even if some of it isn't mine), but she is very generous.  She got several shirts for her stepsister "Little Jen" (yes, her father's second wife's daughter is also named Jennifer!  she's 10 ergo...) that are sooooo cute!  She got two shirts for someone for me to give them for Christmas (knowing what my budget is... not going to be) and two pairs of sweats & three shirts for me.  She's just so sweet, "After all Mom, I've gotten in everything I want, so long as they fit, no problem!"  Still... I don't think she realizes how many kids would still have a problem with it!

So, now my daughter and I are watching Criminal Minds whilst Oberon tries to see if he can keep Jennifer on my bed by glomming onto her feet.  At least he's being nicer than he used to be!!  Even with me, he's behaving nicer.  He got up onto my knees ACK! and as I started moving my knees up, he actually started moving himself down onto my calves!  Sooooo sweet!

I'm still debating which one of these I like better... I've got them linked to the gift section but I'm actually thinking of seeing if I can get someone in my family to pick up something for me to wear next year for the holidays.