Friday, January 14, 2011

Only One More Day to Sparkles!!

 "Do you think Sparkles will like to run
up and down the hall with me?"

 "I was going to let her play with my Christmas
toy but Mister Kitten broked it!!"

 "This is how I will groom her.  It is very 
important to get the head and ears kept clean!!"

 "Is she here yet??  Tomorrow?  Okay.  What's that??  Noodle & Olive are sending us their old water fountain!  They never drank out of it but just used it for meditation.  We had a Catit® fountain but the pump died and mom can't find the old pump to be able to replace it.
Thank you Noodle & Olive!!!"

"We are already Tims and Sparkles is already a Princess.  It's important to spay and neuter.  It makes us all healthier and helps reduce the number of furfriends who need new homes!"