Monday, May 23, 2011

Jennifer, Mom & the Computer

First it was Mother's Day, then there was Jennifer & Corwyn's Spring Concert on Monday (Jennifer's last one!).  Thursday I was at a lawyer's office in Nashvegas to start my second appeal for SSD.  Saturday Jennifer got regurgitated from High School.  And the ramp going down to the bottom of Murphy Center to get to the elevator to take you up to the level to the handicapped seating is at such a hideous angle that I hurt my arms trying to keep my wheelchair from tipping over.  I think I was going 10-15 miles over the speed limit.  I managed to make it through the celebratory dinner but not to Corwyn's recital.  I'm still recovering.  OTOH the laptop's power supply is kaputin!!  Dale picked up another one but it is kaputin!!  Once I have the energy to drive again I'll take it back because the two pieces don't fit together and stay together.