Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thomas!!! Bad Cat!

Okay boy, you'd better behave better today!!  It was bad enough that I started the day hurting from the fall I had the day before.  At least Zaphy-cat was feeling better, right?  Right.  He'd eaten a bowl of his softened food and later in the morning he told me he was hungry.  So silly me, since he didn't want it in the bathroom, I took it to the kitchen by the other food.  Oh yes!!  This was just what Zaphy wanted!  He began chowing down.  Now Thomas.  Remember Thomas?  We named this post Thomas.  Harumph!  Well, Thomas came over to see what Zaphy had and decided that whatever Zaphy had must be his.  ::narrows eyes::  Now, I was not happy about this.  Imagine that.  So I leaned over, bopped Thomas on the nose, and went, "Thomas!!"

 "Gosh mom, if it's in the food area, it's supposed to be mine, right??"

Thomas, knowing how much trouble he was in, went skitter scattering around and behind me and tore off like... like... well, like a cat whose momma has just swatted him on the nose!!  ::head:wall::  Unfortunately, Zaphoid had only taken two bites and... is a bit nervous.  Which isn't too surprising given that he's also known as Emo Kitty.  ::sigh::  So back went the dish to my master bath along with a new dish.  He hasn't touched either of them yet, but one never knows what a cat will do in the night.  Mister Kitten made himself seen this evening.  Star was about for a bit.  But that's not what this post is about.

 "Who me??  I've been playing panther this summer.
I must say that I look quite stunning in the middle of the lawn,
especially in the moonlight."

For you see, there was another... incident.  Now you have to understand something.  Thomas has been raised since he was a weaned kitten with me.  I have had bad knees since... forever.  So Thomas has been trained by me, my ex, my kids, and Christopher T. Cat Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde to follow Sacred Rule Number One: Do NOT Wrap Around Mom's Feet When She's Moving!!  (and be careful when she's not!)  I'm sure by now that you've realized what happened.  ::sigh::  I was headed down the hall.  I saw Thomas right beside me.  He looked up right at me.  We've done this a gazillion times.  (No, really this time!)

"I don't suppose you happen to have any treats on you, do you?"

But this time, this time, this time, he wrapped himself around his feet as I was about to take a step!!!  THOMAS!!  He skittered and scattered and took himself away while I managed to keep myself from falling.  Now, of course, he knows he can get away with a certain amount because he's just too darn cute.  In fact, while I was typing this, he came up going, "Meeeoooom!!!!  Meeeeoooom!  Moooooom!  Timmy's in the well again!!"  Normally I would have just let him know that I'd just laid down and he'd have to wait but then he placed his right forepaw ever so gently on my arm, looked deeply in my eyes, and pleaded, "Moooom!"  ::sigh::  What's a momma to do??  So I got up, went with him into the kitchen where all the bowls were full (no, that's not it mom!), and he headed to the piano where he hopped up and meowed at the door.  The door??  The door??  You want me to let you OUT??  THOMAAAASSSSSS!!!!!

It's pictures like this that keep Thomas from becoming trim.  harumph!

yep... I think I'll need the big cup... heh